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  • A Soldier's Diary(163 clicks)
    A personal account by Carl H. Hulsman
  • A-Bomb and Korea(145 clicks)
    Allan Needell's discussion of how close the US came to using the atomic bomb in Korea.
  • Alabama Casualties During the Korean War(177 clicks)
    A list of all Korean War casualties that listed Alabama as their home of record.
  • Army Quartermaster Corps in the Korean Conflict(163 clicks)
    Articles concerning the role of the Corps.
  • Authority of the President to Repel the Attack in Korea(143 clicks)
    Department of State Memorandum of July 3, 1950. [Excerpts; Footnotes Omitted] This memorandum is directed to the authority of the President to order the Armed Forces of the United States to repel the aggressive attack on the Republic of Korea.
  • Images of My War(164 clicks)
    Personal account.
  • Korean War(147 clicks)
    Lots on weaponry but an extensive site
  • Korean War Project(158 clicks)
    POWs, MIAs, remembrances
  • Korean War Reading List(163 clicks)
    Books recommended by Military Reading List. Check this site for reading lists for other US wars.
  • Korean War Veterans(165 clicks)
    Information for Korean War vets.
  • Life in Korea: Korean War Tribute(155 clicks)
    This section is dedicated to the men and women who fought and worked to help keep South Korea free. From 1950-53, hundreds of thousands of men, women, and children were killed, wounded, or taken prisoner. Millions more faced daily hardship by being forced away from their homes and loved ones. Even today, millions of Korean family members remain divided by the DMZ.
  • Maps(162 clicks)
  • Maps(143 clicks)
    Maps From Ebb And Flow, November 1950 - July 1951, The United States Army in the Korean War, Center of Military History, United States Army, Washington, D.C., 1990. Scanned by the Korean War Project for the Center For Military History.
  • Revisiting Korea: Exposing Myths of the Forgotten War, Part 1(170 clicks)
    By James I. Matray
  • Soviet Involvement in the Korean War(152 clicks)
  • State-level Casualty Lists from the Korean Conflict (1951-57)(195 clicks)
    The Center for Electronic Records , National Archives and Records Administration has custody of a dataset with records from the Office of the Secretary of Defense (Record Group 330) for U.S. military casualties from the Korean conflict. The Korean Conflict Casualty File (KCCF) includes records for persons who died as a result of hostilities in Korea, 1950-57, including those who died while missing or captured.
  • The Big Picture: Wars End(157 clicks)
  • The Korean War Educator(164 clicks)
    Factual information about the Korean War, including detailed casualty information, detailed accounts of the war, a massive oral history project, veterans' memoirs, reunion details, reference materials, Korean War poetry, hundreds of Korean War photos, and much, much more. The non-profit site is owned by the new Korean War Education Foundation. Creator - Lynnita Sommer
  • The Korean War: A Fresh Perspective(148 clicks)
    by By Colonel Harry G. Summers, Jr., U.S. Army (ret.). Fresh insights from a 45-year perspective.
  • The Korean War: Forgotten No More(152 clicks)
    Ted Hofsiss, who served in Korea during the Korean War. It also contains links to his memoirs and other sites which deal with the Korean War.
  • The Last Battleship(138 clicks)
    The USS Missouri and the Korean War.
  • US Forces Korea 50th Anniversary of the Korean War Commemoration(164 clicks)
    Devoted to celebrating the 50th anniversary of the war.