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  • "A Monster So Brutal:" Simon Girty and the Degenerative Myth of of the American Frontier, 1783-1900(162 clicks)
  • 1868 Treaty--Sioux Nation and U.S.A.(186 clicks)
    From the National Archives and Records Administration
  • Abandoned & Active railroads, Pacific Northwest(166 clicks)
  • African-American Cowboy Photo Gallery(155 clicks)
    "Many people are unaware about how black cowboys were highly instrumental in settling the West."
  • Alamo de Parras(199 clicks)
  • Articles about the Wild West(148 clicks)
    From the History Net
  • Barb Wire History(144 clicks)
  • Belle Starr(128 clicks)
    By Richard Arnott i
  • Billy the Kid(200 clicks)
  • Black Cowboys and Soldiers(269 clicks)
  • Blackfoot lodge tales(181 clicks)
    the story of a prairie people by George Bird Grinnell. Published 1892 by Scribner in New York .
  • Bold Caballeros and Noble Bandidas educational project(166 clicks)
  • Border Crossings: A History of US-Mexico Relations(176 clicks)
  • Border Cultures:Conjunto Music(155 clicks)
    The music of the Mexico/United States border region is one of the most vibrant expressions of this unique culture. The links on this page provide starting points for learning about the conjunto musical style, its history, cultural significance, and artistry.
  • Borderlands(185 clicks)
  • Borders and Identity(162 clicks)
    U.S.-Mexican border.
  • Buffalo Soldiers & Indian Wars(198 clicks)
    Sixteen photos of Buffalo Soldiers, and 14 of their Native American foes, two mini videos and 64 story/page links with battles, biographies, and more.
  • California As I Saw It(128 clicks)
    First-Person Narratives of California's Early Years, 1849-1900
  • California Gold Rush(136 clicks)
    History & Images from the Days of Gold
  • Central Pacific Railroad Photographic History Museum(132 clicks)
    Photographs, stereoviews, engravings, maps, and documents illustrating the history of the first transcontinental railroad.
  • Charles "Black Bart" Boles(135 clicks)
  • Colonel John M. Chivington(142 clicks)
    Genocidal killer
  • Complete List of Old West Gunfights(152 clicks)
    Not like Hollywood
  • Cowboys, Cowgirls, and the Old West in Cyberspace(165 clicks)
    Great site compiled by a very good historian.
  • Deadwood, SD(175 clicks)
    Deadwood Dick and more
  • Discovering Lewis & Clark(267 clicks)
    "Conceived in 1993, and online since 1998, Discovering Lewis & Clark® is a hyperhistory in progress. It is enhanced by an average of at least one new interpretive episode each month, employing a variety of multmedia techniques. The site focuses on issues, values, discoveries and events relating to the Lewis & Clark Expedition, its preludes, and its aftermath up to the present time."
  • Documentary Relations of the Southwest(175 clicks)
    "DRSW provides the research tools and finding aids to the written record that began with the arrival of the Spanish explorers in the 1530's. The 1500 microfilm reels of documents include the diaries of explorers and reports of missionaries and soldiers, from the first written accounts of contact with indigenous peoples in the 16th Century to the Mexican declaration of independence from Spain in 1821."
  • Edge of the West(206 clicks)
  • Frederick Jackson Turner(181 clicks)
    Influential U.S. historian who presented the frontier thesis of US history.
  • Frontier 1866-1900, Homesteaders, Cowboys, Buffalo Soldiers(168 clicks)
    YouTube video
  • Gallery of the Open Frontier(196 clicks)
    "The Gallery of the Open Frontier is a digital image library of photos, paintings, and drawings that pertain to the history of the American West. This online resource, drawn initially from the primary collections of the National Archives, is being designed by the University of Nebraska Press as a platform where scholars, researchers, university students, primary and secondary school students, and the interested citizen will be able to easily traverse the history of the American frontier through a wide variety of scholarly enrichments."
  • George Frederick Ruxton, Life in the Far West(207 clicks)
    1849 book.
  • Ghost Towns(202 clicks)
    This is our photo collection of more than 1700 pictures from 180 ghost towns and historic places in the United States.
  • Glidden's Patent Application for Barbed Wire(220 clicks)
    Barbed wire transformed the trans-Mississippi West.
  • Guns, Horses, and the Grass Revolution(178 clicks)
    Elliott West, Distinguished Professor of the American West and the American Indian at the University of Arkansas, describes how guns and horses changed Native American culture, while European diseases ravaged the indigenous people of the New World who had no inherent immunity to them. podcast
  • H-West(155 clicks)
    "The primary purpose of H-WEST's discussion list is to encourage lively and professional discussion of the history of the North American West and the frontier as both place and process."
  • Hanging the Sheriff: A Biography of Henry Plummer(146 clicks)
    "This book is a major milestone in Vigilante literature, in that it is the first well-documented and well-researched book to present a revisionist view of the role of Henry Plummer, who is the central figure of the Vigilante story." 1864 hanging.
  • How the West Tamed America(160 clicks)
  • In Search of Silver and Gold(137 clicks)
    "Although known for her charity, Nellie Cashman was a dedicated and knowledgeable miner who searched the west for the 'Big Bonanza.'" By Don Chaput
  • Interactive Santa Fe Trail(186 clicks)
    Loads of things to do concerning the Santa Fe Trail.
  • Jesse James(138 clicks)
    FBI files on an imposter
  • Kansas Gunfighters(146 clicks)
    Biographies as well as descriptions of events
  • Kit Carson of the Old West(186 clicks)
    Illustrated by Joshua Tolford Published 1959 by Vision Books in N[ew] Y[ork] .
  • Lady Belle Outlaw's Hideout(190 clicks)
    About murderers, criminals, and their friends in the Old West.
  • Lewis & Clark, Librarians' Internet Index(169 clicks)
  • Library of Western Fur Trade Historical Source Documents(162 clicks)
    Diaries, Narratives, and Letters of the Mountain Men
  • Life and Adventues of Calamity Jane(209 clicks)
  • Literature, Culture, Art, Photos of The Old West(159 clicks)
    Numerous links.
  • Little Bighorn Coverup?(122 clicks)
    "Like many George Armstrong Custer defenders, the author of the following article believes that Major Marcus Reno and Captain Frederick Benteen were to blame for the 7th Cavalry's failure in Montana 120 years ago. And, like some of those Custer defenders, the author believes that Reno and Benteen tried to hide the truth. Part of that truth, the author suggests, may have been that Colonel Custer actually crossed the Little Bighorn River and fought in the Indian village."
  • Mapping the Colorado(134 clicks)
    "In 1869, John Wesley Powell defied the myth of the Colorado River's invincibility and led the first expedition to navigate through the Grand Canyon." by Carolyn J. Hursch
  • Mormon Settlement of the Inter-Mountain West: Religious Colonization(156 clicks)
    By Natanya Brewer by Concord Review
  • Mountain Men and the Fur Trade(195 clicks)
    "The primary purpose this web site is to provide a virtual research center for Western Fur Trade History. The emphasis is on the Mountain Men in the United States Rocky Mountain region in the period from 1800-50."
  • Multicultural West(136 clicks)
  • National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum(147 clicks)
    Based in Oklahoma City, this site honors a way of life.
  • National Museum of Women's History(141 clicks)
    Variety of links. Material on women's suffrage.
  • Northwest Digital Archives(168 clicks)
    NWDA provides access to descriptions of primary sources in the Northwestern United States, including correspondence, diaries, or photographs. Digital reproductions of primary sources are available in some cases.
  • Northwest History(144 clicks)
  • Oregon Trail History(169 clicks)
    From the University of Kansas
  • Oregon Trail, The(147 clicks)
    Francis Parkman.
  • Overland Trail(173 clicks)
    The Overland Trail, established in 1862 by Ben Holladay, went from Julesburg, CO to Ham's Fork, WY. Pages describe the route, stations and landmarks, personalities, with many links to other western expansion sites.
  • Parallel Histories: Spain, the United States, and the American Frontier(134 clicks)
    Parallel Histories: Spain, the United States, and the American Frontier is a bilingual, multi-format English-Spanish digital library site that explores the interactions between Spain and the United States in America from the fifteenth to the early nineteenth centuries.
  • Pat Garrett, The Authentic Life of Billy, The Kid(140 clicks)
    Biography by the man who killed him.
  • PBS Archives of the West(172 clicks)
    Materials collected during the research phase for the series.
  • Photographs of the American West: 1861-1912(237 clicks)
    National Archives
  • Photographs of the West(157 clicks)
    From the Denver Public Library
  • Pioneer Days in Kansas(147 clicks)
    By Richard Cordley
  • Pony Express Home Station(157 clicks)
    "Ranked among the most remarkable feats to come out of the 1860 American West, the Pony Express was in service from April 1860 to November 1861. Its primary mission was to deliver mail and news between St. Joseph, Missouri, and San Francisco, California."
  • Powell, John Wesley(180 clicks)
    "It was 1869. Ten men in four boats were about to embark on a journey that would cover almost 1,000 miles through uncharted canyons and change the west forever. Three months later only five of the original company plus their one-armed Civil War hero leader would emerge from the depths of the Grand Canyon at the mouth of the Virgin River."
  • Prairie and Rocky mountain adventures(152 clicks)
    To which will be added a view of the states and territorial regions of our western empire, embracing history, statistics and geography, and descriptions of the chief cities of the West. By John C. Van Tramp. Published 1858 by Published and sold exclusively by subscription by J. & H. Miller in Columbus [Ohio] .
  • Prairie Schooner(128 clicks)
    by William Francis Hooker. Published 1918 by Saul Brothers in Chicago.
  • Prairie Smoke(178 clicks)
    2d ed. rev. by Melvin Randolph Gilmore ... a collection of lore of the prairies ... Published 1922 by Bismarck tribune print.] in [Bismarck .
  • Railroad Land Grants and the Settling of the West(142 clicks)
    How the US government financed the construction of Western railroads.
  • Robber, Murderers, Cowboys, and more(152 clicks)
  • Rugged Justice: The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and the American West, 1891-1941(150 clicks)
    Scholarly book by David C. Frederick
  • Sacajawea?—Sakakawea?—Sacagawea?(169 clicks)
    by Irving W. Anderson
  • Seth Eastman's West(151 clicks)
  • Southwest Frontier and the Fur Trade, 1800-1850(135 clicks)
    Sources of the History of the Fur Trade in the Southwest Frontier
  • Stories of thr Wild West(153 clicks)
    Cover of: Story of the wild West and camp-fire chats by Buffalo Bill Story of the wild West and camp-fire chats Buffalo Bill Story of the wild West and camp-fire chats Close Story of the wild West and camp-fire chats by Buffalo Bill Manage Covers Book Covers Close * Add * Manage Story of the wild West and camp-fire chats a full and complete history of the renowned pioneer quartette, Boone, Crockett, Carson and Buffalo Bill replete with graphic descriptions of wild life and thrilling adventures by famous heroes of the frontier. A record of exciting events on the western borders pushed westward to the sea; massacres, desperate battles, extraordinary bravery, marvelous fortitude, astounding heroism, grand hunts, savage encounters, adventures by flood and field, rollicking anecdotes, tales of sorrow, droll stories, curious escapades, and a melange of incidents that make up the melodrama of civilization in its march over mountains and prairies to the Pacific, including a description of Buffalo Bill's conquests in England with his Wild West exhibition where royalty from all the european nations, paid him a generous homage and made his wonderful show the greatest success of modern times by Buffalo Bill, (Hon. W. F. Cody). Published 1888 by Historical Publishing Co. in Philadelphia .
  • Surveying in the Early Midwest(145 clicks)
  • Swedish Emigration to the United States(155 clicks)
    "Swedish emigration to America is rather typical for European emigration westward to America during the 19th century." Most Swedes settled in the West.
  • Texas Ghost Towns(139 clicks)
    Texas Ghost Towns features places where no one lives or only ghosts live.
  • The American West(205 clicks)
    West of the Mississippi River
  • The Border is Here(172 clicks)
    with Southeastern Arizona. One gringo's discovery of the complexity of the U.S.-Mexican border
  • The Buffalo Harvest(193 clicks)
    By Frank H. Mayer with Charles B. Roth
  • The Crook Who Grew Up to be a Shoe(147 clicks)
    Big Nose George Parrot, the only man in American history to be turned into a pair of shoes.
  • The Donner Party(178 clicks)
    By Daniel Lewis, the result of his own research.
  • The Gold Rush Chronicles(160 clicks)
    "Discover the colorful stories that lie unfurled on these pages and unlock a taste of that famous era. Learn how the Gold Rush affected the world not so long ago."
  • The Last Days of Butch and Sundance(136 clicks)
    "After fleeing to Argentina, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid blazed a new outlaw trail that ended in a shootout high in the Bolivian Andes."
  • The Lost Dream: Businessmen and City Planning on the Pacific Coast, 1890–1920(167 clicks)
    Mansel Blackford’s The Lost Dream explores the history of city planning in five Pacific Coast cities—Seattle, Portland, Oakland, San Francisco, and Los Angeles—during the Progressive Era.
  • The Oregon Trail(177 clicks)
    From Idaho State
  • The Overland Trail(150 clicks)
    The Overland Trail ran westward from Atchison, Kansas, following the Oregon Trail more or less, with some diversions created by Ben Holladay.
  • The Overland Trail(174 clicks)
    "The Overland Trail ran westward from Atchison, Kansas, following the Oregon Trail more or less, with some diversions created by Ben Holladay, such as the Oketo Cutoff in Kansas. At Julesburg, Colorado, it essentially left the Oregon Trail, paralleling, on the south side, the South Platte River to Latham (present day Greeley). Latham was a junction: one could travel south to the Cherry Creek settlement of Denver, or cross the river and loop north along the foothills, following the established Cherokee Trail, crossing the Cache la Poudre River at LaPorte."
  • The passing of the old West(138 clicks)
    by Hal G. Evarts, with illustrations by Charles Livingston Bull. Published 1921 by Little, Brown, and company in Boston .
  • The Patchwork Maps ...Mining Claims in the American West(260 clicks)
  • The Pig War(171 clicks)
    How one pig could have changed American history
  • The Prairie Traveler(154 clicks)
    1859 handbook for overland expeditions written by Capt. Randolph B. Marcy.
  • The Santa Fe Trail(174 clicks)
    The Interactive Santa Fe Trail (SFT) Homepage (text)
  • The West According to Burns and Ives(158 clicks)
  • The West as America: A Review of the Latest Ken Burns Documentary(217 clicks)
  • W. A. Ferris, Life in the Rocky Mountains(185 clicks)
    "Warren Angus Ferris was an ordinary trapper, employed by the American Fur Company, who left a record of his day to day experiences as a mountain man. He provides one of the most detailed accounts of the fur trade in the Central Rocky Mountains during the years 1830 to 1835."
  • Wild Bill Hickock(122 clicks)
    By James Bankes
  • Wild scenes in the forest and prairie.(149 clicks)
    1838. Charles Fenno Hoffman
  • Wild Women of the Wild West(139 clicks)
    "Some of the ladies were short on virtue, but virtually all of them were long on courage as they faced the dangers and uncertainties of life on the frontier."
  • Willie Keil Saved Lives On the Long Journey West(181 clicks)
    Even though he was dead!