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  • A Briefe and True Report of the New Found Land of Virginia(121 clicks)
    By Thomas Hariot. Web site done by Melissa S. Kennedy.
  • Rene-Robert de LaSalle(135 clicks)
    He was the first European to sail down the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico. He claimed the Mississippi River Basin, which he called the Louisiana Territory, for France. He is sometimes called "the Father of the Louisiana Territory."
  • Samuel de Champlain, Voyages 1604(133 clicks)
    The first French voyager of note was Jacques Cartier, who began his explorations of North America in 1534. But Samuel de Champlain was responsible for a series of French explorations into North America in the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries that resulted in the founding of the first successful French colony at Quebec in 1608. The passage is taken from Champlain's writings, the sense of European competition, particularly with Spain, for the New World is well-developed.
  • Sixteenth Century Images of the New World(121 clicks)
    These prints, illustrations of early events in the contact between Europeans and Native Americans, are based on Girolamo Benzoni's history of the Spanish in the New World.
  • The Cabot Dilemma:(105 clicks)
    John Cabot's 1497 Voyage & the Limits of Historiography by Derek Croxton
  • The European Voyages of Expolration(118 clicks)
    15th and 16th centuries