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  • 1852 and 1881 Historical Censuses of Canada(1778 clicks)
    The Programme de recherche en démographie historique (PRDH), Département de démographie, Université de Montréal, hosts several research and database construction projects based on the study and use of nineteenth-century Canadian historical censuses. Our current historical census database construction projects focus upon the Canadian censuses of 1852 and 1881.
  • 1880s Newfoundland: A Pictorial(1883 clicks)
    This album of photographs appears to be the work of Simeon H. Parsons (1844-1908), one of Newfoundland's earliest professional, self-taught and award-winning photographers.
  • 1972 Summit A September to Remember(2963 clicks)
    1972 Summit celebrates the heroics and dramatics of the greatest hockey series ever played. Hockey's top two nations, Canada and the Soviet Union, faced off for the first time in an epic battle of cultural significance to both nations.
  • A Celebration of Winters Long Ago(1876 clicks)
    In this, our final centennial exhibit, the Archives of Ontario invites you to enjoy some images from our collection that portray winter scenes and pursuits from early in the 20th century. Follow the links below to join us in a Celebration of the Winters of Long Ago.
  • A History of the Canadian Coast Guard and Marine Services(2963 clicks)
    In French or English.
  • A History of the Northwest Coast(3412 clicks)
    Amerind history
  • A Reader's Guide to Newfoundland History to 1869(2662 clicks)
    By Olaf U. Janzen, Professor of History, Sir Wilfred Grenfell College, Corner Brook, Newfoundland. Contains Introduction, Discovery and Exploration, Fishery and Trade 1500-1800, Colonization and Settlement 1600-1830, Beothuks and Micmacs, War and Diplomacy, Nineteenth-Century Newfoundland, Labrador, and Suggestions for Additional Research on Newfoundland.
  • A. Pugsley Collection of Early Canadian Maps(3356 clicks)
    Excellent collection at McGill University.
  • Active History (335 clicks) is a website that connects the work of historians with the wider public and the imp
  • Aerodrome of Democracy: Canada and the British Commonwealth Air Training(1737 clicks)
    full text from DND Department of History and Heritage
  • African Canadian Heritage Tour(2915 clicks)
    "The African Canadian Heritage Tour is comprised of 5 independent sites of historic significance located in South Western Ontario. They have joined together to make a concerted effort to reach out to all people who have an interest in the preservation of this important segment of Canadian History. All are located in Essex and Kent Counties and are within 1 hour of the Canada - United States border."
  • An Annotated Guide to Internet Resources on the History of Canada(4586 clicks)
    Good search engine
  • An Archival Look at World War I(2139 clicks)
    Canadian Homefront ; the Technology of WWI ; Women during the First World War ; and World War I Warfare.
  • An Interactive History of the Canadian Navy(1531 clicks)
  • Anglicans, Puritans, and Quakers in Seventeenth-Century Newfoundland(3197 clicks)
    by Hans Rollmann
  • Anti-Slavery Movement in Canada (National Archives of Canada)(2286 clicks)
    "In 2001, at the invitation of the J'Nikira Dinqinesh Education Centre, the National Archives of Canada and the National Library of Canada commemorated the 150th anniversary of the establishment of the Anti-Slavery Society of Canada in 1851 with this exhibition based on the collections of the two institutions."
  • Archives Canada(2170 clicks)
    In homes, schools and libraries across Canada, people are looking for evidence of what it means to be a Canadian. Archives Canada is a gateway to archival resources found in over 800 repositories across Canada--it's your gateway to Canada's collective memory!
  • Archives of Ontario Remembers the Home Front (WW II)(1636 clicks)
  • Archives of the Agricultural Experience(1589 clicks)
    University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections, the Libraries
  • ArchiviaNet(1932 clicks)
    Maps, Plans and Charts
  • Arctic Blue Books Online(1646 clicks)
    Welcome to the Arctic Blue Books online -- a searchable, World-Wide Web version of Andrew Taylor's unique index to the 19th Century British Parliamentary Papers concerned with the Canadian Arctic.
  • Arctic Dawn -- The Journeys of Samuel Hearne(1661 clicks)
    An 18th-century explorer writes about his experiences with the native peoples.
  • Artefacts Canada(2381 clicks)
    "Artefacts Canada, previously known as the National Inventories, provides access to information on millions of museum objects, natural history specimens and archaeological sites."
  • Asian Canadian(2334 clicks)
    Website for Canadians of Asian descent.
  • Atlas of Canada--Origins of the People, 1901(2585 clicks)
    Historical atlas showing ethnic origins (as understood in 1901) of Canadian population.
  • Aurore! The Mystery of the Martyred Child (845 clicks)
  • BlackPages Canada Inc.(2427 clicks)
    Everything African-Canadian. The number one address on the internet for Black and Caribbean businesses in Canada. A true information source on Canadian life from a Black perspective. Chunk-full of info on everything from travel to business and entertainment, etc.
  • Books/Publications(1780 clicks)
    The Directorate of History and Heritage (DHH) has a long-term plan to make available, ONLINE, the text for all out-of-print histories and other publications produced by the Directorate of History and Heritage and its predecessors.
  • British Columbia Archives(2084 clicks)
    Welcome to the British Columbia Archives (BC Archives), located in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. The BC Archives is the central archives service for the government of British Columbia, and provides research access to records of enduring value to the province for both the provincial government and public clientele.
  • Building Canada(1727 clicks)
    The aim of the Building Canada project was to digitize a selection of these images so that more people could see examples of Canada's architectural history. The title of the project, Building Canada, is referential to both the structures that are depicted and how the built environment of Canada is reflective of the country's builders, past, present and future."
  • Building the ALCAN Highway(2548 clicks)
    World War II, 1942-1943, Canadian Wilderness. 10,607 U.S. soldiers built a road 1,522 miles long in 8 months. 3,695 of these soldiers were Black men.
  • Cabinet Conclusions(2183 clicks)
    This research tool provides access to the Cabinet Conclusions which summarize the discussions that took place at the meetings of the Federal Cabinet. They document decision-making at the highest level of the Canadian government and offer researchers a glimpse into Canadian politics for the years 1944 to 1974. The tool provides a unique look into the policies and processes of Cabinet as it is possible to search on one topic and retrieve results from all years of the Conclusions
  • Canada and the First World War(2172 clicks)
    From the National Library. French or English texts.
  • Canada at Scale(1839 clicks)
    Map exhibition
  • Canada at War(1769 clicks)
  • Canada Hall(2544 clicks)
    Elaborate site for all of Canadian history!
  • Canada History(1434 clicks)
  • Canada in the Making(1832 clicks)
  • Canada's Digital Collection(2317 clicks)
    Canada's Digital Collections showcases over 375 Web sites celebrating Canada's history, geography, science, technology and culture.
  • Canada's National History Society(1490 clicks)
  • Canada's Schoolnet(2866 clicks)
    SchoolNet's Learning Resources includes over 5,000 quality educational materials evaluated and approved by professional educators. From power learning tools to Mathematics and Social Sciences, you can easily access all of the information you need thanks to SchoolNet's very own Metadata-driven search engine.
  • Canada, by Train(1903 clicks)
    From National Library of Canada: Canada, by Train has three main sections. Ties That Bind provides a short history of railways in Canada and how they marketed their passenger services. It creates a context for the other two sections, Transcontinental Tour and Tracking Time.
  • Canada: Facts and Information(2472 clicks)
  • CanadaInfo(1655 clicks)
    More than 400 pages of information about Canada - its government, history, facts, people, security, geography, provinces, symbols, and more.
  • Canada’s Constitutional Evolution(1711 clicks)
    "Two main parts are presented to you: an exhibition entitled Canada: Milestones in Our Constitutional Evolution , where you will discover fifty documents (like portraits, maps and medals) relating to our constitutional history; and stimulating and instructive games which relate to the contents of the exhibition."
  • Canadian Archival Resources on the Internet(2377 clicks)
    The purpose of this site is to provide a comprehensive list of links to Canadian archives and associated resources on the Internet.
  • Canadian Black Heritage in the Third Millennium (870 clicks)
  • Canadian Centre on Minority Affairs(1902 clicks)
    The Centre's core initiatives focus on information technology, international cooperation, family literacy, policy and research, community economic development and government relations.
  • Canadian Confederation: U.S. Civil War(2072 clicks)
    "The situation which arose out of the Civil War in the United States neither created nor carried Confederation, but it resulted, through a sense of common danger, in bringing the British provinces together and giving full play to all the forces that were making for their union." -- the historian Colquhoun
  • Canadian Constitutional Documents(1924 clicks)
    A legal history with documents
  • Canadian Encyclopedia(1559 clicks)
    In English or French
  • Canadian Expeditionary Force, 1914-1919: Official History(1750 clicks)
    Candian Expeditionary Force, 1914-1919: Official History of the Canadian Army in the First World War (full text from DND Department of History and Heritage)
  • Canadian Families Project(1820 clicks)
    The Canadian Families Project is an interdisciplinary research project based at the University of Victoria. The project team is studying families in Canada, and is completing a national sample of the 1901 Census of Canada.Le Projet de recherche sur les familles canadiennes constitue un project interdisciplinaire situé à l'Université de Victoria. L'équipe étudie les familles au Canada et est présentement à l'élaboration d'un échantillon du recensement du Canada de 1901.
  • Canadian Foreign Policy (904 clicks)
    Your source for the latest analysis of foreign policy issues from a Canadian perspective. Canadian Foreign Policy provides a forum where policy-makers, scholars, journalists and researchers will encounter a full range of opinion and analysis on the issues affecting Canada’s foreign policy.
  • Canadian Heritage Gallery(2129 clicks)
    Welcome to the Canadian Heritage Gallery the most extensive collection of historical Canadiana on the Internet
  • Canadian Heritage Information Network(1704 clicks)
    In French or English
  • Canadian Historical Association(2145 clicks)
    In French or English
  • Canadian Historical Review(1025 clicks)
    The complete back file of the Canadian Historical Review is now available online.
  • Canadian Illustrated News(1752 clicks)
    The Canadian Illustrated News site is a selection of almost 4000 images of people, places and events across Canada and around the world taken from the popular 19th-century magazine. Canadian Illustrated News was published in Montreal, Quebec by George Desbarats from 1869 to 1883 and was notable for its innovative use of half-tone photographs.
  • Canadian Journal of History(2212 clicks)
    The Canadian Journal of History/Annales canadiennes d'histoire is published in April, August, and December. It is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal of international stature published at the University of Saskatchewan since 1966. The Journal publishes high-quality articles, historiographical articles, review articles, and reviews concerning all countries and periods of history - excepting the history of Canada, which we leave to other Canadian journals.
  • Canadian Labour History, 1850-1999(2046 clicks)
  • Canadian Military Heritage Project(1759 clicks)
    Canadian Military Heritage Project
  • Canadian Military History Gateway(1646 clicks)
  • Canadian Museum of Civilization(1918 clicks)
  • Canadian Navy of Yesterday & Today(1879 clicks)
    These pages are intended to present information about the ships and aircraft of Canada's navy, from its inception in 1910 until present day.
  • Canadian Pamphlets and Broadsides(1937 clicks)
    This site presents the pre-1930 Canadian pamphlet and broadside holdings of the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library. To date the site consists of approximately 528 titles, mostly broadsides (single sheets, printed on one or both sides). Pamphlets will be added in regular installments. The collection includes items printed in Canada, by Canadian authors, or about Canadian subjects, mainly of a non-literary nature. The full text of these items is keyword searchable, and the bibliographic records can be searched or browsed by author, title or subject.
  • Canadian Postal Archives(927 clicks)
  • Canadian Studies: A Guide to the Sources(1974 clicks)
    From St. Francis Xavier University
  • Canadian Virtual War Museum(1985 clicks)
    This site contains a registry of information about the graves and memorials of more than 116,000 Canadians and Newfoundlanders who served valiantly and gave their lives for their country. The site also contains digital images of photographs and personal memorabilia about individual Canadians. The purpose of the Canadian Virtual War Memorial is to recognize and keep alive the memory of the achievements and sacrifices of Canadian citizens who have served in the defence of freedom and so have contributed to the development of Canada as a nation.
  • Canadian War Artists(1801 clicks)
    Exhibition by the National Library
  • Canadian War Industry During the Second World War(1663 clicks)
    Library and Archives Canada
  • Canadian War Museum(1909 clicks)
    Our story is one of courage and endurance; the Canadian War Museum's purpose is dedicated to both education and remembrance
  • Canadian War Poster Collection(2053 clicks)
    In English and French
  • Canadian Wartime Experience (University of Manitoba)(1679 clicks)
    "It provides free access to a collection of seeveral thousand digitised pimary source materials: such as documents, newspaper articles, letters, photographs and prints relating to the experience of Canada and Canadians during various wars from 1899-1970s. They include the Boer War (1899-1903); First World war (1914-1918), Second World war (1939-1945); Korean War (1950-1953) and Vietnam War (1957- 1975). They cover information relating to military movements, battles and training well as oral history accounts from soldiers and servicemen/women. The site also includes a section for educators with suggested classroom activities. Rights information is available from the web site."
  • CanText E-Library(2739 clicks)
    A collection of original resources for Canadian Studies.
  • CanText e-Library(1878 clicks)
    Your Electronic Library for Canadian Studies also a French Version.
  • Canvas of War(1685 clicks)
    Masterpieces from the Canadian War Museum. Paintings with information provided.
  • CBC Archives(1795 clicks)
    Here, more than seven decades of CBC radio and television history lives on - in millions of discs, films, tapes, photographs, paper records and electronic databases.
  • CEC Midway(1518 clicks)
    This museum is devoted to amusement attractions of the past and their designers. Many of the exhibits depict parks, rides, or attractions that are no longer in existence; others show current rides, attractions, or parks as they once were. There are even presentations devoted to transportation to & from the parks of yesteryear.
  • Census of Canada 2001(2367 clicks)
    Comprehensive online data from most recent national census.
  • Census of Canada, 1901(2052 clicks)
    National Archives of Canada database. Through this research tool you can access digitized images of the original census returns, which record age, nationality, religion, profession, income, education, etc for every single resident of Canada on 31 March 1901.
  • City of Toronto Archives(1679 clicks)
  • Colonial Despatches(460 clicks)
    The colonial despatches of Vancouver Island and British Columbia 1846-1871
  • Constitution Acts: 1867-1982(1705 clicks)
    First to current
  • Constitution of the Iroquois Nations(1195 clicks)
  • County Atlas Digital Project(1547 clicks)
    The County Atlas Digital Project is a searchable database of the property owners' names which appear on the township maps in the county atlases. Township maps, portraits and properties have been scanned, with links from the property owners' names in the database.
  • Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade(1779 clicks)
    Excellent resource for Canadian history with reference to foreign affairs.
  • Dictionary of Canadian Biography Online(1482 clicks)
    This first phase presents persons who died between the years 1000 and 1930 or whose last known date of activity falls within these years.
  • Diefenbunker - Canada's Cold War Museum(2364 clicks)
    Thirty-five kilometres from Canada's capital city Ottawa lies a Cold War bunker that is home to Diefenbunker - Canada's Cold War Museum. "The most important surviving Cold War site in Canada"
  • Digital Library of Canada: History(1814 clicks)
    Extensive collection of articles, exhibitions and research resources from National Library of Canada
  • Directorate of History and Heritage(1990 clicks)
    The Directorate of History and Heritage's (DHH) mission is to develop and reinforce the Canadian Forces history, heritage, traditions, military honours, museum and music systems.
  • Early Canadiana Online(3101 clicks)
    Early Canadiana Online (ECO) is a full text online collection of more than 3,000 books and pamphlets documenting Canadian history from the first European contact to the late 19th century. The collection is particularly strong in literature, women's history, native studies, travel and exploration, and the history of French Canada.
  • Early Canadiana Online(1638 clicks)
    The educational resources upon or complement the Early Canadiana Online collections. They cover a wide range of audience types and age groups.
  • Early Days in Richmond Hill: A History of the Community to 1930(1413 clicks)
    by Robert M. Stamp.
  • Electoral History of BC(1020 clicks)
  • Engine of Immortality: Canadian Newspapers from 1752 until Today(1864 clicks)
    From the National Library of Canada
  • Exploration, the Fur Trade and the Hudson's Bay Company(1804 clicks)
  • Flying Boat Era (1937-1945), The(1597 clicks)
  • For King and Empire: Canada's Soldiers in the Great War(1696 clicks)
  • Founding of Toronto, 1793(1681 clicks)
  • Framing Canada: APhotographic Memory(1724 clicks)
    "The photographic collections at Library and Archives Canada (LAC) contain more than 22 million images. Representing the history of photography from its beginnings in the early 1840s to the present day, these photographic collections are an invaluable resource for the visual history of Canada and Canadians. "
  • Francophonies canadiennes: Identités culturelles(1597 clicks)
  • frican-American Sheet Music, 1850-1920(1357 clicks)
    Library of Congress
  • From Colony to Country: A Reader's Guide to Canadian Military History(1853 clicks)
    "The published literature on Canada's military history is extensive and much of it is held in the collections of the National Library of Canada. To improve awareness of and access to this material, the Library has prepared this bibliographical pathfinder for the general reader with an interest in learning more about Canada's military heritage."
  • Frozen Ocean: Search for the North-West Passage(1783 clicks)
    "An exhibition of materials from the Toronto Public Library's Special Collections. Books, maps and prints dating from 1578 to 1907 document 300 years of Arctic exploration, from Sir Martin Frobisher's discovery of Baffin Island in 1576 to the first navigation of the Northwest Passage by Roald Amundsen in 1903-5."
  • Getting the Vote(1636 clicks)
    By Wendy Charr. First place winner in the Growing Up Canadian essay contest.
  • Ghost Towns of Ontario(1636 clicks)
  • Grand Hall(1890 clicks)
    The displays focus primarily on traditional culture, while the exhibits inside the houses examine contemporary issues. Those interior exhibits are being developed in cooperation with the Native people of the region concerned.
  • Great Unsolved Mysteries of Canadian History(968 clicks)
  • Gulf War 1991(1011 clicks)
    "Unlike any conflict before, the Gulf War of 1991 played out in a brave new world of biological warfare. A round-the-clock television audience was captivated by the flying missiles that lit up the night sky. Canadian troops, sent abroad for combat for the first time since the Korean War joined the Allied forces to fight Iraq's invasion of Kuwait. On the surface, the occupation ended swiftly and decisively as the Iraqi forces retreated. But as was evident over the next decade, the problems remained unresolved."
  • H-Canada(1713 clicks)
    H-Canada is the H-Net discussion list dealing with Canadian History and Studies. Includes bibliographies, reviews, and syllabi.
  • Halifax Explosion(1501 clicks)
    A munitions ship was struck by another ship in December, 1917; thousands died or were injured.
  • Heritage Foundation of Newfoundland and Labrador(2079 clicks)
    Protecting, promoting, and preserving the built heritage of Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Heritage Winnpeg(1676 clicks)
  • Hidden From History: The Canadian Holocaust(1498 clicks)
  • Historical Atlas of Canada(1957 clicks)
    Online Learning Project
  • Historical Maps of Canada(1994 clicks)
    On English and French.
  • History of Agriculture(1720 clicks)
    History of agriculture from the University of Saskatchewan
  • History of British Columbia License Plates(963 clicks)
    A History of British Columbia License Plates The 29th of February 2004 marked the 100th anniversary of the first motor vehicle registration in British Columbia, Canada. To commemorate this event, I have been endeavoring to create a concise history of the province's license plates. As a result of this work, I believe that I now have one of the most comprehensive license plate histories to be found anywhere on the web. There are, for instance, well over 2,000 images (a number that increases on a regular basis), in addition to a growing body of historical writing and data on approximately 120 pages.
  • History of Canada's Air Forces(1726 clicks)
  • History of Mining in Cape Breton(1519 clicks)
    Michael Knies says: "Although the History of Mining in Cape Breton web site appears to provide a reliable historical survey of Nova Scotian coal mining, it does not seem to have been updated since being mounted in 1997. The web site provides fairly detailed information on the history of bituminous mining in the region, its regional impact, mining techniques, and the future of the industry and the region."
  • History of Montreal(2002 clicks)
    History from 1535 to the present.
  • History of Regional Transit in Toronto(1500 clicks)
  • History of the Canadian Automobile Workers(1678 clicks)
    Site devoted to the history of organized labor in the Canadian auto industry.
  • History of the Native Peoples of Canada(1792 clicks)
    Book by Dr. James Wright
  • Images Canada(1915 clicks)
    65,000 images from Canada's cultural institutions.
  • In Pursuit of Adventure: The Fur Trade in Canada and the North West Company(1721 clicks)
    In Pursuit of Adventure: The Fur Trade in Canada and the North West Company is a scholarly research site, which illustrates and documents, in part, the heroic age of the fur trade in Canada by examining the exploits of the North West Company and other Montreal-based fur trading companies at the end of the eighteenth and the beginning of the nineteenth century. The story of the North West Company is closely tied to the evolving economic, geographic and political history of Canada and Quebec, especially after France seceded Quebec to Great Britain in 1763. At the core of this site are the full texts of thirty-eight manuscripts that are known collectively as the Masson Papers and cover the period ca 1790 –1820. The patrimonial importance of these diaries is of the first order and provide important insights into the history of the North West Company and the fur trade in general.
  • Industrial Hamilton: A Trail to the Future(1212 clicks)
  • Inuit and Englishmen: The Nunavut voyages of Martin Frobisher(1976 clicks)
    Canadian Museum of Civilization
  • Japanese Internment Camps(2085 clicks)
    "There were ten internment Camps in total; they consisted of: three road camps, two prisoner of war camps(POW), and five self supporting camps scattered throughout Canada during the second World War. Prior to World War II, 22,096 Japanese Canadians lived in British Colombia; three quarters of them were naturalized or native born Canadians."
  • Journeys & Transformations: British Columbia Landscapes(1642 clicks)
    Nature, First Peoples and History of British Columbia are interconnected themes throughout the site, presented in pictures, records and information from the museum's collections.
  • Juno Beach Centre(1927 clicks)
    Remember June 6, 1944… Remember one million of Canadians in uniform, making a decisive contribution to the Allied Victory… Preserving the gifts of valour and freedom for future generations, the Juno Beach Centre presents an online museum of the Canadian war effort.
  • Klondike Weekly(1551 clicks)
    Welcome to the only on-line magazine dedicated to celebrating the Klondike gold rush and its characters. This magazine was posted in response to the popularity of the Klondike material that has been posted at our ExploreNorth site. Its purpose is both to enable us to more clearly direct you to the Klondike material that's already on the 'Net, and to post some of the high-quality articles that are being written by other historian/writers.
  • Land Forces of Britain, the Empire, and the Commonwealth(1939 clicks)
    This site strives for comprehensiveness, bringing together all internet resources pertaining to land forces that were at any time part of the British Empire or Commonwealth.
  • Liberation of the Dutch by Canadian Soldiers World War II(1818 clicks)
    The important role of Canadians in liberating the Netherlands
  • Library and Archives Canada(974 clicks)
    French version:
  • Mapping Canada--Canadian Geographic(1745 clicks)
    Useful series of maps and text illustrating historical development of Canada.
  • McCord National Museum(1710 clicks)
    "Founded in 1921 by David Ross McCord, the McCord Museum conserves, studies and presents a remarkable collection of objects, archives and historical photographs, through which it helps increase awareness of the social history and material culture of Canada, Quebec and Montreal, from the 18th century to the present."
  • Mid-America Fur Trade(2529 clicks)
    The goods on this page are of the mid-North American fur trade era it's history & genealogy prior to the 1840's
  • Military Nurses of Canada(1711 clicks)
    The following story is one of many recollections of Canadian Nurses presented in the Military Nurses of Canada, Volume III. World War II
  • Morewood Virtual Museum(1904 clicks)
    Web site for town in Ontario
  • Musée Pointe-à-Callière(1703 clicks)
    Montreal Museum of Archeology and History
  • Museum of Civilization, Quebec City(1729 clicks)
    In English and French.
  • National Archives of Canada Digital Collections(1604 clicks)
  • National Atlas of Canada(1711 clicks)
    In French and English
  • National Library of Canada: History(1928 clicks)
    By subject
  • Newfoundland and Labrador Heritage Site(1743 clicks)
    English and French site. Topics include "Natural Environment, Aboriginal Peoples, Exploration and Settlement, Society, Economy and Culture, Government and Politics, and The Arts. Each of these themes is being developed in a progression through several levels, each more specific and detailed than the one before it." Has maps.
  • Nova Scotia(1364 clicks)
  • Nova Scotia Archives and Records Management(1354 clicks)
    Nova Scotia Archives and Records Management (NSARM) acquires, preserves and makes available the province's documentary heritage – recorded information of provincial significance created or accumulated by government and the private sector over the last 300 years.
  • Observatoire des musées de la Société des musées québécois(1537 clicks)
    Virtual portal for the museums of Quebec.
  • Oh Canada!(1958 clicks)
    This website provides access to information on the Internet which defines and exposes Canada and Canadians. This is an attempt to define our multicultural fabric, our history, our symbols and our values. This website is a start at hanging our flag on the front door.
  • Online Resources for Canadian Heritage(2244 clicks)
    This list focuses on Internet resources pertinent to Canadian heritage in the disciplines covered by the Canadian Museum of Civilization Corporation: archaeology, ethnology, history (including military history and postal history), and folk culture.
  • Ontario History Quest(1628 clicks)
    Explore the past from images of original letters, diaries, pictures and other documents.
  • Other people's wars: A Review of Overseas Terrorism in Canada(1589 clicks)
  • Our Future, Our Past(1690 clicks)
    "The Alberta Heritage Digitization Project (AHDP) provides people from all over the world with immediate access to Alberta Folklore, Architectural Drawings, Art, Aerial Photographs, Maps, early Alberta Newspapers, Homestead Files, and Local and Alberta Histories."
  • Our Future, Our Past(2343 clicks)
    "The Alberta Heritage Digitization Project (AHDP) provides people from all over the world with immediate access to Alberta Folklore, Art, Aerial Photographs, Maps, early Alberta Newspapers, Alberta Legal Documents, and Local and Alberta Histories."
  • Panoramas: North American Landscapes in Art(1751 clicks)
    " The Canadian Heritage Information Network, the Canadian Museum of Civilization, the Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes, the Smithsonian American Art Museum, The Winnipeg Art Gallery, and their respective governments are proud to present this trilateral virtual exhibition celebrating the landscape of North America." 42402
  • Partridge Island(857 clicks)
    Saint John, NB
  • Passages: A Treasure Trove of North American Exploration(1655 clicks)
    National Library of Canada
  • Pathfinders and Passageways: The Exploration of Canada(1610 clicks)
    National Library of Canada
  • Peopling North America: Population Movements & Migration(1816 clicks)
    "An historical overview of migratory movements, this tutorial focuses on diasporas to and within Canada, the United States, Mexico, and the Caribbean from Europe, Asia, and Africa. Population movements have been occurring for tens of thousands of years and continue to the present day. We shall examine the demographic, economic, cultural, and political nature of major movements, as well as consider their growth and development, their regional and global causes, and their impact. "
  • Photographic images of Richmond Hill(1395 clicks)
  • Picturing A Canadian Life(1292 clicks)
    L. M. Montgomery's Personal Scrapbook and Book Covers
  • Pier 21(1580 clicks)
    Society in Halifax, Nova Scotia concerned with immigration.
  • Prairie Postcards(1206 clicks)
  • Prince Edward Island(1409 clicks)
  • Quebec History(2034 clicks)
  • Quebec History(1981 clicks)
    From Marianopolis College
  • Rat Control in Alberta, History of(1115 clicks)
  • RDAQ: Réseau de diffusion des archives du Québec(1660 clicks)
    Searchable database of archival descriptions from Quebec repositories.
  • Religion, Society, & Culture in Newfoundland and Labrador(808 clicks)
  • Religious History of Newfoundland and Labrador(1898 clicks)
    Society and culture, too.
  • Remembrances: Canada and the Second World War(1641 clicks)
  • Restoration Movement(1928 clicks)
    Welcome to the Restoration Movement Pages These pages are for your reading and viewing pleasure and feature historical texts, pictures, resources for historical research and links to other relevant pages dealing with the Restoration Movement. This nineteenth-century unity and restitution effort by Barton W. Stone and Thomas and Alexander Campbell spawned several distinct religious groups: the Churches of Christ, the Christian Churches, and the Disciples of Christ. The wider historical context also includes the Christian Churches of James O'Kelly and the Christian Connexion of Elias Smith and Abner Jones. The Restoration Movement pages seek to accommodate the historical heritage of all of these religious traditions.
  • Royal British Columbia Museum(1624 clicks)
    Victoria, British Columbia museum.
  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police: History(1684 clicks)
    The official site.
  • Saskatchewan, Encyclopedia of(1835 clicks)
  • Second World War as a National Experience(1662 clicks)
    Sidney Aster, editor. full text from Directorate of History and Heritage
  • Sitting Bull and the Mounties(1740 clicks)
    "After the Little Bighorn and other 1876 confrontations with the U.S. Army, the Great Hunkpapa Sioux leader took his people north into Canada, where James Walsh and other scarlet-clad lawmen insisted on enforcing the white mother's laws."
  • Smoky Lake History Archive(2436 clicks)
    Local history from the fur trade era to settlement and modern times.
  • Special Editions of Canadian Newspapers(1710 clicks)
    "For more than a century, newspapers have produced special colour supplements to mark important events. This site presents a selection of these special items from the collection of the National Library of Canada."
  • St John, New Brunswick(878 clicks)
  • Statistics Canada(1725 clicks)
    Canadian statistics.
  • Statistics Canada--Historical Statistics of Canada(3366 clicks)
  • Teaching and Learning about Canada(1924 clicks)
    Information and links dealing with Canadian Geography, History, Politics, Society, Culture and Wildlife, Time Zones, Graphs and Tables and much more.
  • Territorial Evolution of Canada 1867-1999 (National Atlas of Canada)(1687 clicks)
    Includes an animated map.
  • The Barren Lands: J.B. Tyrrell's Expeditions for the Geological Survey of Canada, 1892-1894 1894(2212 clicks)
    This site documents two exploratory surveys of the Barren Lands region west of Hudson Bay, in northern Manitoba and Saskatchewan and the area now known as Nunavut. Drawing on materials from the J.B. Tyrrell, James Tyrrell and related collections at the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library, University of Toronto, it includes over 5,000 images from original field notebooks, correspondence, photographs, maps and published reports.
  • The Beaver: Canada's History Magazine(1785 clicks)
    From Canada's National History Society
  • The British Columbia History Internet/Web Site(1733 clicks)
    This site is dedicated to tracking Internet and World-Wide Web resources for the study of British Columbia's history. The compilation is intended to be as comprehensive and broad as possible.
  • The Canada West(1773 clicks)
    "In the period covered by this exhibition ? the years prior to the 1930s ? the population of western Canada increased from less than a hundred thousand to over three million. Such an unprecedented influx was made possible only by drawing on a multitude of ordinary men, women, and children from across Europe. Their arrival on the western frontier dramatically changed the history of western Canada and the ethnic makeup of the country. This exhibition explores several aspects of European arrival and settlement in the Canadian West, and provides a glimpse of those people who helped forge the new society and bring the West into Confederation. In the period covered by this exhibition ? the years prior to the 1930s ? the population of western Canada increased from less than a hundred thousand to over three million. Such an unprecedented influx was made possible only by drawing on a multitude of ordinary men, women, and children from across Europe. Their arrival on the western frontier dramatically changed the history of western Canada and the ethnic makeup of the country. This exhibition explores several aspects of European arrival and settlement in the Canadian West, and provides a glimpse of those people who helped forge the new society and bring the West into Confederation."
  • The Canadian Citizenship Act of 1947(100 clicks)
  • The Canadian Constitution, A History Lesson(1678 clicks)
    Exposition on the Constitution
  • The Canadian Historical Review(1832 clicks)
    As a source for penetrating, authoritative scholarship, giving the sort of in-depth background necessary for understanding the course of daily events — both for Canadians themselves and for those with an interest in the nation’s affairs — the CHR is without rival.
  • The Canadian Letters and Images Project(1788 clicks)
    The Canadian Letters and Images Project is an online archive of the Canadian war experience, from any war, as told through the letters and images of Canadians themselves. Too often the story told of Canada at war has been one of great battles and great individuals, an approach which unfortunately misses the 'ordinary' Canadian and the richness of their everyday experience. The objective of the Canadian Letters and Images Project is to let Canadians tell their own story in their own words and images by creating a permanent online archive which preserves Canada's wartime correspondence, photographs, and other personal materials, from the battlefront and from the homefront.
  • The Cariboo Gold Rush(1597 clicks)
    "The Cariboo Gold Rush"is just one of the many BC Heritage web sites that have been made available through Industry Canada's Digital Collections Program.The purpose of "The Cariboo Gold Rush" is to provide accessibility to British Columbia historical documents, images, and other multimedia information in a format designed for school-age children."
  • The Champlain Society(2021 clicks)
    The collection contains seventy-four of the Champlain Society's most important volumes (over 37,000 printed pages) dealing with exploration and discovery over three centuries. It includes first-hand accounts of Samuel de Champlain's voyages in New France as well as the diary from Sir John Franklin's first land expedition to the Arctic, 1819-22.
  • The Cradle of Collective Bargaining: History of Labour and Technology in Hamilton and District(1690 clicks)
    History of Labour and Technology in Hamilton and District
  • The Demise of the Orderly Marketing System(1667 clicks)
    An M.A. thesis that deals with the fruit growers in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia. Looks at the effect that state sponsored land-use planning had on the marketing system erected by the fruit industry to maintain the viability of orchard operations.
  • The Demography of a Colonial Frontier Fortress: Louisbourg, 1713-1758(1682 clicks)
    French Canada. PowerPoint presentation by Robert Jackson.
  • The Hudson's Bay Company Archives(2670 clicks)
    The HBCA offers a wealth of information on the human and natural history of western and northern Canada and the western USA. Whether you are an historian, genealogist, ethnologist, environmental scientist or land claims researcher, the HBCA may be able to help.
  • The Last Best West: Advertising for Immigrants to Western Canada, 1870-1930(2225 clicks)
  • The Official Research Site for the Fortress of Louisbourg(1850 clicks)
  • The Peopling of Canada: 1891-1921(1767 clicks)
    "This tutorial examines the movement of people into Canada and between regions during one of Canada's most important migration periods, 1891-1921."
  • The Peopling of Canada: 1946-1976(1719 clicks)
    "An important phase in the history of the peopling of Canada. Both public opinion and official policy swayed the development of immigration policies. "
  • The Search for a North-West Passage(1506 clicks)
  • The Slender Thread(847 clicks)
    Subtitle: Irish Women on the Southern Avalon, 1750-1860. Book by Willeen Keough
  • The Territorial Evolution of Canada(1816 clicks)
    From the National Library of Canada. An excellent resource.
  • The Underground Railroad in Canada(1650 clicks)
    Parks Canada
  • The Virtual Gramophone(1741 clicks)
    Canadian Historical Sound Recordings. In English and French.
  • The Virtual Museum of Métis History and Culture.(1453 clicks)
  • Through A Lens: Dieppe in photograph and film(1758 clicks)
    National Archives of Canada exhibition
  • Toronto: A Place of Meeting(1585 clicks)
    10,000 years of history virtual gallery
  • Torture and the Truth(937 clicks)
  • University of Victoria, History: Teaching and Learning(1768 clicks)
    This web page provides history students and teachers with easy access to resources on the world wide web that will help their research, studying and teaching. Its focus is on universities but some of the material will interest students and teachers at the secondary level.
  • Upper Fraser River Historical Geography Project(809 clicks)
  • Veteran Affairs: Canada(1842 clicks)
    In English and French. Includes histories of wars.
  • Virtual Museum of Canada(1615 clicks)
    In French or English.
  • Virtual Museum of New France(2059 clicks)
    In English or French.
  • War Artists from the First World War(1555 clicks)
    Archives on Ontario exhibition
  • War of 1812(1449 clicks)
    From the Archives of Canada
  • War of 1812 Southwest Ontario(2074 clicks)
    Battle of the Longwoods and Tecumseh and War on the Thames
  • War of 1812--Canada(1735 clicks)
    US attacks on Canada
  • War of 1812--Canada(642 clicks)
  • Western Canadian/United States Aboriginal History(1017 clicks)
  • Where the Land Meets the Sea: Shipwrecks of Nova Scotia(1526 clicks)
    The number of vessels which have foundered on the rocky Nova Scotia coastline defies calculation. The database presented here enumerates 5000 wrecks — a sobering number of known, identifiable losses, but still far from complete.
  • William Lyon Mackenzie King(1657 clicks)
    A Real Companion and Friend: The Diary of William Lyon Mackenzie King
  • Windsor, Ontario in the 1950s(1662 clicks)
    By Carol Clarke.
  • Wings Over Alberta(1585 clicks)
  • Wo Shi Jianadaren(1575 clicks)
    By Jillian Brown . 2nd place in Growing Up Canadian
  • Yukon Archives(1341 clicks)
  • Yukon Archives(863 clicks)
    The Yukon Archives acquires, preserves, and provides access to the Yukon's documentary heritage. Photocopy, map and photograph reproduction services are available.