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This subcategory contains 13 links

  • A Brief History of Denmark(144 clicks)
    By Peter Ravn Rasmussen
  • Biographies(123 clicks)
    Various short biographies of famous Danes.
  • Danish Audio History(124 clicks)
    Danish Audio History; with examples from the early days of sound recording in the beginning of the century and up till the present day
  • Danish Data Archives(112 clicks)
    The Danish Data Archives (DDA) is a national data bank for researchers and students in Denmark and abroad.
  • Danish History and Culture(122 clicks)
    Vikings and recipes!
  • Danish Military History(96 clicks)
    Well-designed site
  • Danish Navy, 1692(120 clicks)
    List of the Danish Navy, in the Year 1692.
  • Denmark: Primary Documents(147 clicks)
  • History of Denmark(164 clicks)
  • History of Horsens(114 clicks)
    Short, illustrated history.
  • National Museums(119 clicks)
    In Danish or English.
  • Schleswig-Holstein: The Rise of Nationalism before the 1848 Revolution(118 clicks)
    Student paper about 48 pages long.
  • The Fate of Greenland's Vikings(143 clicks)
    by Dale Mackenzie Brown