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  • A Smaller History of Rome, From the Earliest Times To The Establishment Of The Empire(161 clicks)
    Text or audio book
  • Ancient World Mapping Center(167 clicks)
  • Ancient City of Athens(204 clicks)
  • Ancient Classic Texts before 400 B.C.(178 clicks)
  • Ancient Greek History(170 clicks)
    Description (CLCV 205) This is an introductory course in Greek history tracing the development of Greek civilization as manifested in political, intellectual, and creative achievements from the Bronze Age to the end of the classical period. Students read original sources in translation as well as the works of modern scholars. This course was recorded in Fall 2007.
  • Ancient History-BBC(172 clicks)
  • Ancient Mediterranean World(146 clicks)
    podcast course
  • Ancient Music Instuments(163 clicks)
    In English or Dutch. "Musical instruments in Antiquity? Especially the Greek and Roman ones. That is what you will find around here. How did they look like, in which context were these things used and who played with it ? A remarkable search brings us interesting pictures and findings from the Antiquity. This Website came to life thanks to a paper I wrote at the University of Ghent. Now it is online for al those lovers of musical instruments, the Antiquity, Archeology .. "
  • Athena: Authors & Texts(174 clicks)
    Thousands of texts.
  • Athenian Democracy in Transition: Attic Letter-Cutters of 340 to 290 B.C..(183 clicks)
    Scholarly book by Stephen V. Tracy
  • Athens from Cleisthenes to Pericles(180 clicks)
    Scholarly book by Athens from Cleisthenes to Pericles
  • Cambridge Ancient History (1928)(169 clicks)
    Vol. 1: Egypt and Babylonia
  • Constantine I(190 clicks)
  • Decline and fall of the Roman Empire: why did it collapse?(168 clicks)
    Published 1962 by Heath in Boston .
  • Dipartimento di Scienze Storiche del Mondo Antico(160 clicks)
    The Official web site of the Department of Ancient History of the University of Pisa (Italy): Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Islamic History, Ancient Topography
  • Egypt and Babylonia(175 clicks)
    Cambridge Ancient History
  • Exploring Ancient World Culures(175 clicks)
    From the University of Evansville. Near East | India | Egypt | China | Greece | Rome | Islam | Europe | Conclusions
  • Forum Romanum(184 clicks)
    All things Latin
  • Forum Romanum (2006)(167 clicks)
    Internet Archive movie
  • Greek Dress(177 clicks)
    Greek dress a study of the costumes worn in ancient Greece Published 1908 by J. Murray in London .
  • Greek Historians(182 clicks)
  • Hegemony to Empire: The Development of the Roman Imperium in the East from 148 to 62 b.c.(190 clicks)
    Scholarly book by Robert Morstein Kallet-Marx
  • Hellenistic History and Culture(209 clicks)
    Scholarly book edited by Peter Green
  • History of Athens(186 clicks)
  • Illustrated History of the Roman Empire(169 clicks)
  • Images of Orality and Literacy in Greek Iconography of the Fifth, Fourth and Third Centuries BCE(168 clicks)
    "a growing collection of images (with some explanatory text) that may be used in studying how the Greeks conceived of their invention and assimilation of their technologies of writing."
  • Imperatores Victi: Military Defeat and Aristocractic Competition in the Middle and Late Republic(154 clicks)
    Scholarly book by Nathan Rosenstein
  • Internet Ancient History Sourcebook(207 clicks)
    Invaluable. See the sourcebooks for other periods as well.
  • Introduction to Ancient Greek History(169 clicks)
    Donald Kagan, Yale: "This is an introductory course in Greek history tracing the development of Greek civilization as manifested in political, intellectual, and creative achievements from the Bronze Age to the end of the classical period. Students read original sources in translation as well as the works of modern scholars."
  • Julius Caesar(180 clicks)
    Comprehensive biography of Julius Caesar (100-44 BC), his major contemporaries (Brutus, Cicero, Antony, Pompey, Sulla, Gaius Marius), and major campaigns and legislation. Multiple graphics.
  • Labyrinth Latin Bookcase(176 clicks)
    From Georgetown University
  • LacusCurtius: Into the Roman World(169 clicks)
  • Lost Trails(163 clicks)
    Herodotus project
  • Lueven Homepage of Papryus Collections(153 clicks)
  • National Roman Legion Museum(202 clicks)
  • Neolithic Warfare(165 clicks)
    Arther Ferrill says: "How did prehistoric man wage war? Did he fight in organized formations or were his conflicts merely skirmishes of the sort that occur among some modern primitive societies? Was prehistoric man aggressive at all, or did he live in an idyllic, peaceful environment, as some believe? Was organized warfare the creation of civilized man, a fiendish by-product of the emergence of civilization in the Ancient Near East? These and many other questions have often been raised, and some authorities still regard them as open and unresolved, yet archaeological discoveries in the twentieth century have provided many reasonably definitive answers."
  • On Greek Religion and Mythology(172 clicks)
    The Open Court Journal
  • Prehistoric and Ancient Europe(176 clicks)
  • Rom und sein Weltreich(186 clicks)
    In German. Rome.
  • Roma I Barbari(163 clicks)
    Italian, French, or English. Rome and the Barbarians.
  • Roman Army: Bibliography(186 clicks)
  • Roman Empire(181 clicks)
  • Roman Empire(156 clicks)
    History 106B - Spring 2008 - A history of Rome from Augustus to Constantine. The course surveys the struggles between the Roman emperors and the senatorial class, the relationship between civil and military government, the emergence of Christianity, and Roman literature as a reflection of social and intellectual life.
  • Roman Empire In The First Century(187 clicks)
    PBS series
  • Roman Religion(227 clicks)
  • ROMARCH(180 clicks)
    "Web resources on the art and archaeology of early Italy and the Roman world, from the earliest settlements to Late Antiquity."
  • Rome's Imperial Forums(185 clicks)
    Includes Live WebView: your window over Rome
  • Spectacle and Society in Livy’s History(169 clicks)
    Scholarly book by Andrew Feldherr
  • Spectacle Entertainments of Ancient Rome (217 clicks)
    UCLA course
  • Stone Pages:(159 clicks)
    megalithic Europe
  • The Amazing Ancient World(184 clicks)
    Rich site with a variety of materials.
  • The Ancient History Bulletin(157 clicks)
    "The Ancient History Bulletin provides a forum for scholarly discussion in Ancient History and in the ancillary fields of Epigraphy, Papyrology and Numismatics, from the Near East to Late Antiquity."
  • The Ancient Mediterranean(342 clicks)
    El Antiguo Mediterráneo; Pueblos, orígenes y evolución hasta el siglo V de nuestra era....
  • The Illustrated History of the Roman Empire(197 clicks)
    "Leading Web-Resource on Rome"
  • The Internet Classics Archive(142 clicks)
    Select from a list of 441 works of classical literature by 59 different authors.
  • The Lascaux Cave(161 clicks)
    Prehistoric. The cave contains some of the earliest known human art work in Europe.
  • The Persecution of the Jews in the Roman Empire(168 clicks)
    Book by Jim Seaver
  • The Roman Army: Bibliography(176 clicks)
    Extensive bibliography on the Roman army with some hyperlinks.
  • The Roman Navy(153 clicks)
    Two papers: The Roman Navy of the First Punic War ; The First and Second Illyrian Wars, and incidental operations
  • VRoma(175 clicks)
    Virtual Rome. "VRoma is first and foremost a community of scholars, both teachers and students, who help to create on-line resources for teaching Latin and ancient Roman culture and who use these resources in their courses."