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  • THE SUFFRAGETTES…. Women's Epic Fight for the Right to Vote (206 clicks)
  • Ancient ballads and songs(170 clicks)
    chiefly from tradition, manuscripts, and scarce works
  • 1066: The Effects of the Norman Conquest(178 clicks)
  • 1911 Census(139 clicks)
    "The 1911 census is a record of everyone who lived in England and Wales in 1911. It provides a unique snapshot of the lives of your ancestors. brings this vast resource to you online, so that you can search the census simply and quickly to discover how your family lived in the past."
  • A century of anecdote from 1760 to 1860(160 clicks)
  • A History of Photography(146 clicks)
    From its beginnings till the 1920s
  • A Most Curious Murder(179 clicks)
    Madeleine Smith received a verdict of not proven in a Scottish court. Did she murder?
  • A Quest for Arthur(183 clicks)
    by Geoffrey Ashe, the foremost authroity on King Arthur.
  • A2A: Access to Archives(134 clicks)
    The English strand of the UK archives network
  • Adam Smith(173 clicks)
    Biography of the great Scots economist.
  • Addressing History(166 clicks)
    AddressingHistory is a website and API which combines data from digitised historical Scottish Post Office Directories(PODs) with contemporaneous historical maps.
  • Admiral Lord Nelson(153 clicks)
  • Admiral Lord Nelson(204 clicks)
  • Age of Industry(161 clicks)
    The Industrial Revolution.
  • AIM25(212 clicks)
    AIM25 is a major project to provide electronic access to collection level descriptions of the archives of over fifty higher education institutions and learned societies within the greater London area.
  • Alfred the Great(182 clicks)
    Welcome to Ogdoad's pages devoted to the most interesting and versatile of all English kings, Alfred of Wessex
  • All Info-About English Culture(128 clicks)
    Includes some historical material.
  • All Things Bright and Beautiful(183 clicks)
    A Search for Sustenance Among Victorian Society
  • Ancient Sites Directory: UK(124 clicks)
    The objective of these pages is to heighten awareness of the prehistoric past that surrounds us and in doing so help to protect this precious gift of our ancestors.
  • Angelcynn(172 clicks)
    Anglo Saxon Living History, 400-900AD
  • Anglesey, Wales(219 clicks)
    History of this Welsh island
  • Angus Archives - Virtual Archive(185 clicks)
    "Angus Archives is engaged in an ongoing programme of transcribing and word processing archival documents. A full list of transcribed material for use in the Angus Archives search room is available. The Virtual Archive will offer extracts from collections such as town council minute books, family papers and other documents of interest such as a pirate attack on Arbroath in 1781, an extract of a court martial of a Brechin soldier in India, a claim for an illegitimate birth, a death warrant of 1821, a house inventory of 1763 and the Arbroath charter of 1599."
  • Ann Griffiths (1776-1805)(174 clicks)
    Welsh poet
  • Anne Boleyn(204 clicks)
  • Arnold Toynbee, Lectures on The Industrial Revolution in England(192 clicks)
    Length 1894 lecture.
  • Arnold, Nottingham and Neabry Villages(191 clicks)
    Focus is on villages around Arnold, Nottingham
  • At the Heart of the Empire: Indians and the Colonial Encounter in Late-Victorian Britain(162 clicks)
    Scholarly book by Antoinette Burton
  • Ballad of Sawney-Bean(266 clicks)
  • Bardon Papers, The(155 clicks)
    Mary Queen of Scots
  • Battle of Hastings from the BBC(188 clicks)
    Includes a game.
  • Battle of Hastings, 1066(157 clicks)
    This is the story of the struggle between Harold the Second of England and Duke William of Normandy. The prize to the victor was the throne of England.
  • Battle of the Boyne(163 clicks)
    Pro-Protestant site
  • Benjamin Disraeli(150 clicks)
    A timeline
  • Beyond Legend: Arthur Reconsidered(182 clicks)
    Written from the assumption that King Arthur did indeed exist, this paper endeavors to examine this 'fictional' character's historicity, using the available resources to prove the thesis.
  • Bradford Timeline(166 clicks)
    History (architecture and events) of Bradford, related to National and International events, Monarchs, Prime Ministers, Presidents, Sports information, Inventions, "Firsts", Music, Books , Cinema, Television, Consumer products.
  • Bristol and Slavery(177 clicks)
    "An exploration of the role of the city of Bristol in the Atlantic slave trade, focusing on teaching ... "
  • Bristol and Transatlantic Slavery(190 clicks)
    The Discovering Bristol website is all about the transatlantic slave trade and the effect on Bristol from the 1400s right up to today.
  • Britain's Prison Ships, 1776-1783(186 clicks)
  • Britain's Small Wars, 1945-1992(200 clicks)
    The History of British Military conflicts from 1945 to 1992 India, Palestine, Malaya, Korea, Suez Canal Zone, Kenya, Cyprus, Suez Borneo, Vietnam, Aden, Radfan, Oman, Dhofar Northern Ireland, The Falklands War and The Gulf War.
  • British Agricultural History Society(153 clicks)
  • British Conservative Party(203 clicks)
    Official site of the Tories.
  • British History(127 clicks)
    Loads slowly so you might want to skip the Intro.
  • British History Online(124 clicks)
  • British History, 1700-1960(153 clicks)
    From Schoolnet in the UK.
  • British History-In-Depth(230 clicks)
  • British Libary Images Online(170 clicks)
    Welcome to Images Online, the resource that gives you instant access to thousands of images from the British Library’s unparalleled collections.
  • British Library Manuscripts Catalogue(123 clicks)
    This On-line Catalogue is designed to offer a single means of access to the mainstream catalogues of the Department of Manuscripts covering accessions from 1753 to the present day.
  • British Library of Political and Economic Science - Charles Booth Online Archive(178 clicks)
    "The Charles Booth Online Archive is a searchable resource giving access to archive material from the Booth collections of the British Library of Political and Economic Science (the Library of the London School of Economics and Political Science) and the University of London Library. The archives of the British Library of Political and Economic Science contain the original records from Booth's survey into life and labour in London, dating from 1886-1903. The archives of the University of London Library contain Booth family papers from 1799 to 1967."
  • British Newspaper Archive(177 clicks)
  • British Pathé (172 clicks)
    You Tube
  • British Pathe News(127 clicks)
  • British Pop Culture in the 1960s(163 clicks)
    "The definitive web site for images and information about that swinging decade. Current interviews with the stars and people who made and lived the sixties."
  • British Records Association(133 clicks)
    Founded in 1932, the British Records Association aims to encourage and assist with the preservation, care use and publication of historical records.
  • British Submarines(143 clicks)
    t is hoped to give an insight into the role in which the submarine service and the submariner has played in the Royal Navy since their introduction in 1901.
  • CAIN: Conflict Archive on the INternet(131 clicks)
    This site contains information and source material on 'the Troubles' in Northern Ireland from 1968 to the present. Also information on society and politics in the region.
  • Cairo to Constantinople:The Prince of Wales Journal: 6 February - 14 June 1862.(162 clicks)
  • Caledonian Castles(202 clicks)
  • Cambridge at the Time of Newton(155 clicks)
  • Captain James Cook (1728-1779): Celebrated North Country Navigator(164 clicks)
  • Cartoons : Selected from the pages of "Punch" (1901)(163 clicks)
    "The present collection of ... cartoons ... appeared in 'Punch' during the last 50 years.
  • Castle Roy, Scotland(174 clicks)
    The following information is from a 19th historical document Castle Roy is one of the simplest, and possibly the oldest, thirteenth-century fortresses in Scotland. It is said to have been a stronghold of the Comyns, but nothing authentic is known of its history.
  • Catholic View: Henry VIII(197 clicks)
    New Advent Catholic Encyclopedia
  • Celtic Inscribed Stones(203 clicks)
    Language, Location And Environment
  • Celtic Voices: Wales(142 clicks)
    National Library of Wales
  • Center for Editing Lives and Letters(204 clicks)
    CELL develops archive-based research projects of relevance to the period 1500 - 1800. Established as a Research Centre in July 2002 with funding from the AHRC, CELL is now independently established as part of the academic landscape of Queen Mary, University of London. CELL's research agenda supports projects that pilot innovative methodologies and practices aimed at making archives matter, and that engage energetically with the wider community. We also offer seminars, events, a skills-based postgraduate training programme and have a thriving community of doctoral research students.
  • Centre for the Study of Cartoons and Caricature On-line(159 clicks)
  • Chamberlain, Joseph(167 clicks)
    Proponent of gas and water socialism
  • Charles G. Salas, "Ralegh and the Punic Wars"(163 clicks)
    Journal of the History of Ideas 57.2 (1996) 195-215. Salas discusses the impact of this portion of Ralegh's History of the World.
  • Child Labor in Victorian Great Britain(174 clicks)
    By David Cody, Associate Professor of English, Hartwick College.
  • Child Labour in Great Britain(174 clicks)
    From the Spartacus Encyclopaedia in Great Britain. Factory Reformers, Supporters of Child Labour, Life in the Factory, Factory Workers, Tactics and Issues, The Factory Acts, Statistics,
  • Churchill and the Great Republic(180 clicks)
    "This exhibition examines the life and career of Winston Spencer Churchill and emphasizes his lifelong links with the United States--the nation he called "the great Republic." The exhibition comes nearly forty years after the death of Winston Churchill and sixty years after the D-Day allied invasion of Nazi-occupied France during World War II. It commemorates both of these events."
  • Churchill Archives Centre(189 clicks)
    The papers of Sir Winston Churchill and over 570 collections of personal papers and archives documenting the history of the Churchill era and after.
  • City Witness(144 clicks)
    The ‘City Witness’ research project uses these medieval testimonies, as well as other documentary and archaeological evidence, to explore questions of place and perspective in medieval Swansea. It experiments with new ways of witnessing the medieval town, and aims to make medieval Swansea and its rich cultural heritage visible today.
  • Clash of Religious Titans: Kingley vs. Newman(195 clicks)
    The mid-nineteenth century brought tides of social reconstruction, secularized reform, and religious skepticism in unprecedented proportions to Great Britain, and the debate that ensued between Charles Kingsley, the robust advocate and intellectual paladin of the Church of England, and Dr. John Henry Newman, the eloquent and outspoken proponent of dogmatic Christianity whose religious dilemma led him to Rome, exemplified the culmination of Christian discord grounded in Marian times.
  • Collections(154 clicks)
    Photos of Britain and Ireland
  • Commonwealth War Graves Commission(156 clicks)
    The "Debt of Honour Register" is the Commission's database listing the 1.7 million men and women of the Commonwealth forces who died during the two world wars and the 23,000 cemeteries, memorials and other locations world-wide where they are commemorated. The register can also be searched for details of the 67,000 Commonwealth civilians who died as a result of enemy action in the Second World War.
  • Concise History of the British Newspaper Since 1620(151 clicks)
    The British Library Newspaper Library
  • Contemplating Churchill(213 clicks)
    On the 40th anniversary of the wartime leader's death, historians are reassessing the complex figure who carried Britain through its darkest hour By Edward Rothstein
  • Conversion and Backsliding in 17th-Century England: From Puritan Millenarianism to the Great Plague(189 clicks)
    by A. Lloyd Moote. You must have Adobe Acrobat to access this paper.
  • Cornish Sourcebook, A(149 clicks)
  • Crime and Punishment in Elizabethan England(202 clicks)
    Short piece.
  • clicks)
    Guide to Derbyshire
  • Devon History(219 clicks)
  • Diaries of a lady of quality from 1797 to 1844.(180 clicks)
    Edited, with notes, by A. Hayward. Published 1864 by Longman, Green, Longman, Roberts, & Green in London .
  • Diary of Samuel Pepys(217 clicks)
    In blog format
  • Documents On British Foreign Policy 1919-1939- Third Series (195 clicks)
  • Domesday BookOnline(151 clicks)
    Domesday chest Domesday Book chest at PRO Welcome to the new website. The Domesday Book was commissioned in December 1085 by William the Conqueror, who invaded England in 1066. The first draft was completed in August 1086 and contained records for 13,418 settlements in the English counties south of the rivers Ribble and Tees (the border with Scotland at the time). The original Domesday Book has survived over 900 years of English history and is currently housed in a specially made chest at London's Public Record Office in Kew, London. This site has been set up to enable visitors to discover the history of the Domesday Book, to give an insight into life at the time of its compilation, and provide information and links on related topics.
  • Duxford Airfield(185 clicks)
    "An unofficial history of one of the RAF's most distinguished airfields."
  • E. Belfort Bax, Fabianism (December 1891)(161 clicks)
    Gas and water socialism
  • Early British and Viking History Resource Page(171 clicks)
    Very informative links on the Vikings, Anglo Saxons and the Norman Conquest. very informative links on the Vikings, Anglo Saxons and the Norman Conquest.
  • Early Eighteenth-Century Newspaper Reports(160 clicks)
    Great source material
  • Early Modern England Sources(168 clicks)
    Online bibliographies and more.
  • East Glasgow History(164 clicks)
    Books and articles. Scotland.
  • Edinburghers: Biographies(181 clicks)
    Biographies of various famous people including Adam Smith, Sean Connery, Alexander Graham Bell.
  • Edmund Burke(184 clicks)
    The great 18th century conservative philosopher
  • Eighth Century of the Death of Richard Coeur de Lion(190 clicks)
    Richard the Lion-hearted. English and French king.
  • England on the Eve of Colonization(159 clicks)
    by Paul E. J. Hammer
  • England, A Narrative History(175 clicks)
    Brief history of England
  • English Heritage(243 clicks)
    "English Heritage is the Government's lead body for the historic environment in England. We are responsible for protecting the best of this country's unique legacy of historic buildings, landscapes and archaeological sites for the benefit of this and future generations."
  • English History, 1660-1800(143 clicks)
    A plethora of excellent links
  • Escape from Culloden(147 clicks)
    The escape of Prince Charles Edward Stuart in 1745 after his forces lost the battle of Culloden.
  • Ex Libris(202 clicks)
    ExLibris provides researchers with a variety of textual and bibliographical information both through these pages and by links to other Web sites. At the moment, ExLibris surveys bibliographical materials concerning English dissenters who were active prior to the English civil war and during the Interregnum.
  • Excursion to Scotland, 1832(169 clicks)
  • Exodus--Emigration to Canada and the United States(164 clicks)
    "Because of the size of the subject, we have limited the exhibition to emigration to America and Canada in the nineteenth century. While this web site is not meant to be a definitive history, it should give readers an insight into life at the time and the problems faced by the emigrants. Using letters, diary extracts and illustrations as source material, our exhibition will trace the steps of the emigrants, from their decision to leave right through to their arrival in 'the promised land'. Between 1800 and 1900, almost 8 million people bade farewell to their Irish home in search of new lives in a new world. Why? Enter our exhibition and discover for yourself..."
  • Falkland Islands Conflict(211 clicks)
  • Falkland Islands War(195 clicks)
    An engineer who served on the Canberra provides memories and images of the War.
  • Falklands Remembered(151 clicks)
    The war with Argentina over the Falkland Islands by the Porstmouth, England News.
  • Find A Soldier's Will(143 clicks)
    Search for the will of a soldier who died while serving in the British armed forces between 1850 and 1986.
  • Firth's Celtic Scotland and the Age of the Saints(144 clicks)
    The main focus is the group of Celtic Saints who brought Christianity to the Picts of the Dee and Don valleys in the north east of Scotland but there is additional information regarding the Pictish King List, the Abbots of Iona and the ancient church sites ... and there is much more!
  • Folk Music of England, Scotland, and Wales(237 clicks)
    Folk and Traditional Music and Poular Songs, with Lyrics, Midi, Tune Information and History behind the folksongs and ballads. Irish, British and American Folk Music including Francis J. Child Ballads and Sea Shanties.
  • For King and Country: History of the British Army(151 clicks)
    The British Army has been the backbone of the British Empire on land, for the last three hundred years.
  • From Heads of Household to Heads of State(170 clicks)
    Subtitle: The Preaccession Households of Mary and Elizabeth Tudor, 1516–1558. Book by J. L. McIntosh
  • From North to South: Northern Ireland's contribution to Australia(186 clicks)
    "Northern Ireland's contribution to the development of Australia'. An internet site dedicated to displaying through sketches, photographs, letters and text, the links between the two countries."
  • Geffrye Museum(196 clicks)
    The Geffrye Museum is one of London’s best-loved museums. It shows the changing style of the English domestic interior in a series of period rooms from 1600 to the present day.
  • George Augustus Polgreen Bridgetower (1780-1860)(194 clicks)
    George Augustus Polgreen Bridgetower was a violin virtuoso of Afro-European descent. Ludwig van Beethoven wrote the Kreutzer Sonata for him and accompanied him on piano at the premiere in Vienna in 1803.
  • George Grenville(178 clicks)
    Biography of this important 18th century politician.
  • George III(185 clicks)
  • George III; Robert Peel(162 clicks)
    If you are interested in English History then this site is for you. It began life as the Peel Web, a resource for students of the period 1830-50 and has been extended to include the period 1760-1830. The information is detailed enough for A Level and Undergraduate students whilst being accessible to those who simply want to know more about the events in the later Eighteenth Century and the first half of the Nineteenth Century.
  • Georgian Index(186 clicks)
    Meet the Prince Regent, attend his coronation, learn about the development of the Royal Mail, or of horse racing, stroll through London at the turn of the nineteenth century or simply have a cup of tea.
  • Glasgow Digital Library(183 clicks)
  • Glorious Revolution(163 clicks)
    Parliament Fact Sheet
  • Glorious Revolution of 1688(167 clicks)
    "This site is intended to serve as a permanent collection of materials covering the period in English History known as the Glorious Revolution."
  • Government Information Service(149 clicks)
    This is a first entry point to UK public sector information on the Internet.
  • Great Britain Historical Database(161 clicks)
    The Great Britain Historical Database is a large database of British nineteenth and twentieth-century statistics.
  • Greenwich, England(191 clicks)
    Heritage site
  • Gretna Green(198 clicks)
  • Gunpowder Plot Game(181 clicks)
    Test your knowledge of the Gunpowder Plot with this interactive quiz. Answer the questions against the clock to track down the fizzing fuse. Fail and disaster is certain!
  • Hadrian's Wall(142 clicks)
    Historical and commercial site dealing with Roman Britain
  • Hail Caledonia: The Online Encyclopedia of Scottish History(130 clicks)
  • Harry Thomas Munn(180 clicks)
    A veteran of WW II. His story.
  • Heart of England(201 clicks)
    Central England site.
  • Henry Morgan(192 clicks)
    Wikipedia article
  • Henry VIII(211 clicks)
    Fascinating Tudor monarch.
  • Henry VIII(179 clicks)
    Britannia History
  • Henry VIII-National Archives(182 clicks)
  • Henry VIII: Royal Collection(139 clicks)
    500th Anniversary Exhibition
  • Heritage of Britain(182 clicks)
    From Camelot International. Comprehensive.
  • Historic Scotland(158 clicks)
    In our web site you will find information on more than 300 properties in our care. You will also find details of Scotland's listed buildings and scheduled ancient monuments. Our education pages provide a resource for schools and information on conservation research.
  • Historical Manuscripts Commission(129 clicks)
    Our primary purpose is to provide information about the existence, location and nature of manuscripts and records for the study of British history.
  • History in Focus(153 clicks)
    From the Institute of Historical Research, London
  • History of Britain(166 clicks)
    First o8 8 YouTube videos.
  • History of Scotland(141 clicks)
    The history of Scotland, its Highlands, regiments and clans by James Browne ... Published 1909 by F.A. Niccolls & Co. in Edinburgh, Boston [etc.] .
  • History of the British Army(165 clicks)
  • History of the Home Guard(194 clicks)
  • History of the Monarchy(190 clicks)
  • History of the North East of England(175 clicks)
    The rich heritage of the North-East of England over the last 2,000 years has been brought together for the first time in The History of the North-East 1-2000 AD.
  • History Online(134 clicks)
    "History Online is a new online resource for historians. It brings rare British and world history sources to the desktops of academics, librarians, teachers and students and will be underpinned by comprehensive reference information and carefully selected study units."
  • HMS Nelson(179 clicks)
    this and other ships are featured.
  • HMS Victory:Lord Nelson's Flagship(166 clicks)
    Flagship of Admiral Lord Nelson at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805.
  • Honour Regained(174 clicks)
    The Falklands War 1982
  • Ignatius Sancho (1729-1780)(188 clicks)
    Ignatius Sancho was born on a British slave ship. He fled his owners, taught himself to read and became a shopkeeper. Sancho published "A Theory of Music", anti-slavery letters, and songs and dances.
  • Ignatius Sancho: African Man of Letters(181 clicks)
    " Ignatius Sancho (1729-1780) was born a slave on a ship crossing the Atlantic from Africa to the West Indies. He was taken to Greenwich where he worked as a child slave. He persuaded the powerful Montagu family to take him on as their butler before retiring to run a grocery shop in Westminster. He composed music, appeared on the stage, and wrote a large number of letters which were collected and published in 1782, two years after his death."
  • Images of England(206 clicks)
    Over 15,000 images.
  • Institute of Contemporary British History(126 clicks)
    The official site.
  • Internet Library of Early Journals(191 clicks)
    A digital library of 18th and 19th Century journals
  • Internet Library of Early Journals(151 clicks)
    The core collection for the project are runs of at least 20 consecutive years of: Three 18th-century journals Three 19th-century journals * Gentleman's Magazine * The Annual Register * Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society

    * Notes and Queries * The Builder * Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine

  • Invasion of England, 1066(172 clicks)
    Brief account.
  • Irish in Britain(201 clicks)
  • Irish Triumph at the Yellow Ford(162 clicks)
    "Thomas Lord Burgh had intended it to be 'an eyesore in the heart of Tyrone's country,' but to Burgh's successor, Thomas Butler, Earl of Ormonde, 'the scurvey fort at Blackwater' was a liability that would lead to England's worst defeat on Irish soil."
  • James Howell, A perfect description of the people and country of Scotland(200 clicks)
    Punblisghed in London in 1788.
  • John Lilburne and the Levellers(175 clicks)
    Includes the documents: A solemn Engagement of the Army, The poore wise-mans Admonition. The english Soldiers Standard, A Manifestation, The baiting of the great Bull of Bashan
  • John Locke(201 clicks)
  • Journal of Victorian Culture(148 clicks)
    Journal of Victorian Culture is the new journal for scholars of the Victorian period.
  • Judy P. Sopronyi, Anthony Ashley-Cooper(185 clicks)
    "The Seventh Earl of Shaftesbury's crusades against poverty, abusive child labour, and a lack of educational opportunities made him Britain's foremost Victorian social reformer."
  • Kent History(136 clicks)
    Comprehensive site on the history of the county of Kent. Suitable for the history student and those with an interest in local history. Site is easy to navigate and features Kings of Kent, a time line, castles, along with more indepth analysis of the information available.
  • Kilt, The Aurenic History of the(177 clicks)
  • Kindred Britain(223 clicks)
    Kindred Britain is a network of nearly 30,000 individuals — many of them iconic figures in British culture — connected through family relationships of blood, marriage, or affiliation. It is a vision of the nation’s history as a giant family affair.
  • King Charles I(167 clicks)
    Scholarly book by Pauline Gregg
  • King William of England Addresses Parliament on the French Question, (31 December 1701)(205 clicks)
    Protesting the efforts of Louis XIV to install a Catholic on the throne of England.
  • King's German Legion(177 clicks)
    Troops from Hannover fighting Napoleon.
  • Kings & Queens(151 clicks)
    Put the kings and queens of England, and later the United Kingdom, in their proper place. Examine the contemporary portraits and key events from each period and then play the Royal House game.
  • Kings & Queens(179 clicks)
    Put the kings and queens of England, and later the United Kingdom, in their proper place. Examine the contemporary portraits and key events from each period and then play the Royal House game.
  • Korean War(163 clicks)
    Britain's role in the war.
  • Lady Godiva's Coventry(176 clicks)
    Modern Coventry as well as the legend of Lady Godiva.
  • Lambeth Palace Library(157 clicks)
  • Land Forces of Britain, the Empire and Commonwealth(187 clicks)
    "This site strives for comprehensiveness, bringing together all internet resources pertaining to land forces that were at any time part of the British Empire or Commonwealth."
  • Land Forces of the United Kingdom(198 clicks)
  • Letters of a Victorian lady, Ada E Leslie, 1883 to 1894(135 clicks)
    "Prussian (German), British and Greek Royal Palaces and travel in Royal Yachts occupy this Victorian lady's life after an eventful visit to India from England as a children's governess with a final move to Burma as the wife of a District Police Commander."
  • Liam's Pictures from Old Books(134 clicks)
    Remains of Ruined Castles, Deserted Abbeys, Old Manor Houses, mansions and stately homes; also engravings, woodcuts and pictures of Old England and Wales; also other subjects mentioned below, including Pictures of old books, scanned, prepared and published by Liam Quin.
  • Life in Elizabeathan England(154 clicks)
    A Compendium of Common Knowledge
  • Life of Admiral Nelson(209 clicks)
    from the Nelson Society.
  • Life of King Edward the Confessor(177 clicks)
  • Life of Thomas, Lord Cochrane(160 clicks)
  • Lillie Langtry(198 clicks)
    "When Lillie Langtry met him in 1877, Queen Victoria's son Edward, Prince of Wales, had already acquired and discarded a number of mistresses. The public nature of Lillie and Edward's liaison, however, distinguished it from his previous relationships. He flaunted his affair with Lillie, perhaps because of her singular beauty, too enchanting to be concealed, or maybe because Edward, or "Bertie," as he was called, felt a need to demonstrate that although his mother still ruled the empire, he no longer abided by her tiresome moral code."
  • Liverpool's Historic Canning District(141 clicks)
  • Local History On-Line: Conference Proceedings(201 clicks)
    "The conference successfully brought together a diverse range of parties involved in promoting history on-line, including schools, research projects and organisations, libraries, archives, publishing houses and individuals. As such it provided a valuable forum for the exchange of experience and information. It enabled those involved to present their projects and discuss the challenges of promoting local history on the Internet. National and local projects were included in the programme. The sessions were aimed at examining the opportunities and challenges presented by emerging technologies, and discussing sources of funding and support for local history initiatives."
  • Lord North(220 clicks)
    Important for the American Revolution
  • Lytton Strachey, Queen Victoria(179 clicks)
    An HTA Press book. Preface, photographs, and additional bibliography added.
  • Managing Industrial Decline(150 clicks)
    Managing Industrial Decline examines the dramatic decline of the British coal industry through the lens of comparative business history, challenging the prevailing belief that the industry's decline was due primarily to global economic factors and instead demonstrating that entrepreneurial failings of individual coal firms contributed significantly to the problem.
  • Managing Industrial Decline(170 clicks)
  • Manx National Heritage(143 clicks)
    Isle of Man
  • Market Harborough in WWI(173 clicks)
    An East Midlands Town in the First World War
  • Market Towns and the Countryside in Late Medieval England(167 clicks)
    Peer-reviewed scholarly article by Christopher Dyer published in:Canadian Journal of History/Annales canadiennes d'histoire XXXI, April/avril 1996, pp. 17-35, ISSN 0008-4107 © Canadian Journal of History
  • Mary, Queen of Scots(201 clicks)
    Biography, pictures, and references.
  • Mary, Queen of Scots(158 clicks)
  • Migration Histories(204 clicks)
  • Mining History Information(175 clicks)
    "Details of events, research and work in progess in the field of mining history and archaeology. Concentrating on research related to Wales and South-West England Including the metalliferous mines of North Devon and West Somerset, the Crown silver mines in Devon, North Devon Anthracite and the Pembrokeshire Coalfield."
  • Monarchs of England(192 clicks)
    List with some links
  • Money and Trade Considered(187 clicks)
    Money and Trade Considered With a Proposal for Supplying the Nation with Money by John Law 1705
  • Murder of Thomas Beckett, 1170(208 clicks)
  • Museum of Costume, Bath, England(119 clicks)
    19th century dress
  • National Army Museum(165 clicks)
  • National Digital Archive of Datasets(129 clicks)
    The National Digital Archive of Datasets (NDAD) is part of The National Archives. NDAD preserves and provides online access to archived digital datasets and documents from UK central government departments. Our collection spans 40 years of recent history, with the earliest available dataset dating back to about 1963.
  • National Fairground Archive(198 clicks)
    A unique collection of photographic, printed, manuscript and audiovisual material covering all aspects of the culture of travelling showpeople, their organisation as a community, their social history and everyday life; and the artefacts and machinery of fairgrounds.
  • National Monuments Record (NMR)(180 clicks)
    "The National Monuments Record (NMR) is English Heritage's public archive. It is based at the National Monuments Record Centre in Swindon, and has public search rooms in Swindon and London."
  • National Museum of Photography, Film & Television(159 clicks)
    In Bradford,the Museum's renowned collection includes more than three million items of historical, social and cultural value, over 95% of which are held on site. T
  • National Portrait Gallery(146 clicks)
    Contains not only data about the gallery but history as well.
  • Nelson and His Navy(155 clicks)
    "The Historical Maritime Society undertakes research into the life and times of Horatio Nelson and the Royal Navy of the Napoleonic Wars period."
  • Nelson's Decade(158 clicks)
    The years 1995 to 2005 have been named Nelson's Decade to mark the naval hero's great battles and achievements 200 years ago. For each of his great victories a number of special events and publications have been planned and produced, co-ordinated by the Official Nelson Celebrations Committee.
  • Newshound(188 clicks)
    Articles about Northern Ireland back to 1996.
  • Northern Ireland Timeline(234 clicks)
  • Nottingham Local History Index(159 clicks)
  • Nursery Rhymes- Lyrics and Origins!(177 clicks)
    The origins of most nursery rhymes reflect events in history and where available we have included both the meanings and origins of everyone's favourite nursery rhymes. Two examples of these types of nursery rhymes origins are 'Ring a Ring o Rosies' which refers to the Bubonic plague and 'Remember Remember' nursery rhymes which allude to Guy Fawkes' foiled attempt to blow up the English Houses of Parliament! Many of the words and nursery rhymes lyrics were used to parody the royal and political events of the day, direct dissent would often be punishable by death! Strange how these events in history are still portrayed through children's nursery rhymes, when for most of us the historical events relationship to the nursery rhymes themselves are long forgotten!
  • On Board the Mary Rose(181 clicks)
    The Mary Rose was King Henry VIII's favourite warship. Built in 1510 and lost in 1545, she was raised in 1982 and is the centrepiece of the Mary Rose Museum in Portsmouth, England.
  • Online Historical Population Reports Website(153 clicks)
    "The Online Historical Population Reports (OHPR) collection provides online access to the complete British population reports for Britain and Ireland from 1801 to 1937. The collection goes far beyond the basic population reports with a wealth of textual and statistical material which provide an in-depth view of the economy, society (through births, deaths and marriages) and medicine during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. These 200,000 pages of census and registration material for the British Isles are supported by numerous ancillary documents from The National Archives, critical essays and transcriptions of important legislation which provide an aid to understanding the context, content and creation of the collection."
  • Oral History Society(129 clicks)
    "The Oral History Society promotes the collection, preservation and use of recorded memories of the past. If you are interested in working with oral history you should join the only organisation in Britain and Northern Ireland that supports and debates such activities."
  • Overpopulaton and Aging in 17th England(182 clicks)
    By Christopher Currie in an e-mail note.
  • People's History Museum(149 clicks)
    "The People's History Museum is the national centre for the collection, conservation, interpretation and study of material relating to the history of working people in Britain. The museum galleries are housed in the Pump House: a former Edwardian hydraulic pumping station, Bridge Street, Manchester."
  • Piers Brendon, Sir Winston Churchill(146 clicks)
    "The aim of this page is to give a brief introduction to the career of Sir Winston Churchill, and to reveal the main features of both the public and the private life of the most famous British Prime Minister of the twentieth century. Contents * The Child * The Soldier * The Politician * The War Leader * The Elder Statesman * The Family Man * The Private Man
  • Popular Princesses of Wales(182 clicks)
    "Although they lived in quite different, much more circumscribed worlds this same sentimental concept also applied to Diana's immediate predecessors, Alexandra of Denmark, wife of the later King Edward VII, and May of Teck, who became Queen Mary, wife of King George V. Together, the three form a special group among the nine young women who have married heirs to the English throne since the title Prince of Wales was created in 1301."
  • Porthcurno(217 clicks)
    Cable and Wireless heritage site
  • Primary Documents(200 clicks)
    Extensive collection dealing with the United Kingdom
  • Prime Minister(166 clicks)
    The official site
  • Public Information Films(181 clicks)
    For the first time on The National Archives' website you can view complete public information films from the 20th Century. The first selection of films from 1945 -1951 features some fascinating events from Britain's post-war history.
  • Public Information Films, 1945-1(183 clicks)
    For the first time on The National Archives' website you can view complete public information films from the 20th Century. The first selection of films from 1945 -1951 features some fascinating events from Britain's post-war history.
  • Public Record Office(154 clicks)
    The national archives of the UK
  • Public Record Office of Northern Ireland(160 clicks)
  • Puritanism in England(183 clicks)
    "The Puritan movement was a broad trend toward a militant, biblically based Calvinistic Protestantism -- with emphasis upon the "purification" of church and society of the remnants of "corrupt" and "unscriptural" "papist" ritual and dogma -- which developed within the late sixteenth- and early seventeenth-century Church of England."
  • Queen Victoria(154 clicks)
    by David Cody, Associate Professor of English, Hartwick College
  • Regency Fashions(163 clicks)
    England. Styles, etc.
  • Religion and Society in a Cotswold Vale: Nailsworth, Gloucestershire, 1780-1865(203 clicks)
    Scholarly book by Albion M. Urdank
  • Reminiscences of Scottish life and character(155 clicks)
    [22nd edition]. by E.B. Ramsay. Published 1908 by McClurg & Co. in Chicago .
  • Restoration Print Culture(168 clicks)
    "Collected here are documents focusing on the period immediately preceding the Exclusion Crisis in the late 1670s to the Revolution of 1688-89. The period is notable for its lively print culture, due primarily to an extremely volatile political situation and fuelled by a temporary lapse of the Licensing Act. "
  • Rhondda Valleys, Wales(148 clicks)
    A short socio-economic history of the Rhondda Valleys during the period 1800 to 1950 when Coal was King.
  • Rob Roy McGregor(180 clicks)
  • Robert Southey, The Life of Nelson(160 clicks)
    The HTA Press republishes, with enhancements, of Robert Southey's Life of Nelson. Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson was one of Britain finest naval heroes.
  • Robin Hood Project(193 clicks)
  • Royal Historical Society Bibliographies(131 clicks)
    This web-site describes the work of the Royal Historical Society in compiling authoritative bibliographies on British and Irish history.
  • Royal Naval Patrol Service(137 clicks)
    he Royal Naval Patrol Service - Harry Tate's Navy - as it was more popularly known - was a very special service indeed, with its own rules and regulations, and the unique distinction of having its own exclusive Silver Badge, worn by sea - going officers and ratings alike.
  • Royal Navy Submarine Museum(164 clicks)
  • Royal Palaces(194 clicks)
    Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London, Hampton Court, and more. The official site.
  • Rule the Waves: the History of the Royal Navy(152 clicks)
  • Samuel Daniel, The collection of the history of England(189 clicks)
    1621 reprint by the University of Pennsylvania
  • Samuel Pepys Diary 1665 - extracts(167 clicks)
  • Scotland, History of(155 clicks)
    The history of Scotland, its Highlands, regiments and clans by James Browne ... Published 1909 by F.A. Niccolls & Co. in Edinburgh, Boston
  • Scotland: Primary Documents(201 clicks)
  • Scots at War(196 clicks)
    This is a Scottish Military History Web Project, concentrating on the 20th Century.
  • Scottish Archive Network(147 clicks)
    A selection of invaluable resources for anyone interested in the written history of Scotland. Visit our 'Virtual Vault' to see images and transcripts of original records from archives around Scotland. Or 'register' with us to be kept informed of new additions.
  • Scottish Economic History Database, 1550-1780(166 clicks)
    This online database has been produced to further the dissemination of data collected during a project on Scottish wages and prices, 1550 -1780.
  • Scottish Golf(170 clicks)
    Where it all began
  • Scottish Highlands and Islands(186 clicks)
    Welcome, this is Skyelander's Scottish Highlands and Islands History Web Site. This Page will feature: Scottish History, Medieval History, Celtic History, Scottish Battles and Wars of England and Scotland. Original historic articles updated monthly.
  • SCRAN(136 clicks)
    "SCRAN is the history and culture site which lets you learn directly by accessing images, movies, sounds and virtual reality. There are one million heritage records from museums, galleries, archives and media."
  • Secrets of the Norman Invasion(188 clicks)
    By Nick Austin.
  • Sir Francis Drake(177 clicks)
    These pages are focused on Sir Francis Drake, and in particular on his "Famous Voyage" - the circumnavigation of the world in the sixteenth century, during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I.
  • Sir Francis Drake(156 clicks)
    Short but informative article on the famous privateer.
  • Sir Henry Bessemer(144 clicks)
  • Sir Thomas More(158 clicks)
    The famous 16th martyr
  • Slavery, the Slave Trade, and Its Abolition(191 clicks)
    British Library exhibition
  • Snow 1963(210 clicks)
    "Comprising train and track footage quickly shot just before a heavy winter's snowfall was melting, the award-winning classic that emerged from the cutting-room compresses British Rail's dedication to blizzard-battling into a thrilling eight-minute montage cut to music. Tough-as-boots workers struggling to keep the line clear are counterpointed with passengers' buffet-car comforts."
  • Sources of English Constitutional History(140 clicks)
  • Stebbing Shaw, A tour to the west of England in 1788(165 clicks)
    Published in London in 1789.
  • Steve Clifford's Beatle Website(169 clicks)
    Good site
  • Stone Circles(196 clicks)
  • Stonehenge(158 clicks)
    Stonehenge is one of the most famous and mysterious monuments in the world today.
  • Stonehenge(158 clicks)
    "On this site you will find information on Stonehenge, Avebury, White Horses, Places to Stay, Attractions, Crop Circles, Local Towns & Villages and more...."
  • Stonehenge secrets revealed by underground map(272 clicks)
  • Study in Scalet(146 clicks)
    Marriage Sexuality in the US & UK, 1815-1914
  • Sunk in Lucre's Sordid Charms(169 clicks)
    "A complex network of intersecting financial, legal, political, and cultural factors all contributed to the development of the South Sea Bubble, the eventual collapse of the South Sea Company in 1720, and the financial ruin left in its wake."
  • Sussex Archaeology & Folklore(156 clicks)
  • Sussex History(170 clicks)
  • Tamworth Castle and Museum(181 clicks)
    Tamworth Castle is a Norman motte and bailey castle set in the south-west corner of what was a Saxon burh, Its sandstone walls and superb herringbone wall - all that survives of the "curtain wall" of the bailey are believed to date from the 1180s. They replaced a palisade and wooden tower, built on the present artificial mound shortly after the Norman Conquest of 1066.
  • Tamworth Heritage Trust(199 clicks)
    he Tamworth Heritage Trust is an organisation, which aims to preserve and promote Tamworth’s rich heritage.
  • The Art of Packing Juries(175 clicks)
  • The Battle of Antrim(175 clicks)
    Rebellion in 1798 in Northern Ireland.
  • The Battle of Hastings(146 clicks)
  • The Battle of Stamford Bridge(176 clicks)
  • The Black Presence in Britain(178 clicks)
    Argues that black people have been in Britain for 2,000 years.
  • The Bloody Sunday Inquiry(159 clicks)
    About Northern Ireland on 30 January 1972, which has become known as Bloody Sunday.
  • The British Council on British Studies(172 clicks)
    Links, bibliographies, and documents.
  • The British Empire and Globalization: A Forum(214 clicks)
    Historically Speaking: The Bulletin of the Historical Society . Vol. 4, Number 4 (April 2003)
  • The British Library(142 clicks)
    "Welcome to the website of the UK's national library The British Library provides reading room, bibliographic, document supply and information services, as well as exhibitions, publications and events."
  • The British Monarchy(171 clicks)
    The official Website
  • The British Monarchy(181 clicks)
    The official Web site of the British royals.
  • The Bubble Project(183 clicks)
    "a collaborative and interdisciplinary research initiative on the subject of the South Sea Bubble (SSB), or first great stock-market crash of 1720. "
  • The Castles of Wales(152 clicks)
    The Castles of Wales web site provides visitors with a lot more than simply a few photographs of the most famous Welsh castles. Our pages cover a wide range of topics related to Welsh castles and Welsh medieval history, and many of our essays are written by today's leading experts in their respective fields of study. We provide information on over 400 different Welsh castles, accompanied by high quality photographs, as well as profiles of the men responsible for their construction and an explanation of the turbulent times in which they lived.
  • The Churchill Papers(197 clicks)
    "The Churchill Papers consist of the original documents sent, received or composed by Sir Winston Churchill during the course of his long and active life. Discover more about Churchill's life by visiting the biography section of the site at"
  • The Churchill Society(140 clicks)
    The Royal Military Academy maintains an excellent site on Winston Churchill.
  • The Contemplator's Short History of The Glen Coe Massacre(152 clicks)
    The Campbells massacred the MacDonalds
  • The Criminal Law Amendment Act of 1885 and Sexual Assault on Minors(206 clicks)
  • The Emancipation of Women, 1750-1920(184 clicks)
    Includes biographies
  • The English Merlin(156 clicks)
    William Lilly (1602-81) was the most successful and influential astrologer of 17th century England. His career spanned the turbulent years of the English Civil Wars, Cromwell's Protectorate and the Restoration of Charles II. His almanacs and pamphlets had a tangible effect on public opinion, his clients included many of the leading political and military figures of an age when most people naturally believed that the stars and planets had a direct influence on human affairs.
  • The Gathering of the Clans(168 clicks)
    Good history section with articles
  • The Genealogy of Cats(188 clicks)
    Jaguar cars or Cats, as these British automobiles are called. This article traces their history.
  • The Gilbert and Sullivan Archive(178 clicks)
    "Welcome to the Gilbert and Sullivan Archive, which is devoted to the operas and other works of William S. Gilbert and Arthur S. Sullivan. The Archive, which was established in September 1993, includes a variety of G&S related items, including clip art, librettos, plot summaries, pictures of the original G&S stars, song scores, midi and mpeg audio files (which allow you to actually listen to the music), and newsletter articles."
  • The Glen Coe Massacre(162 clicks)
  • The Great Castles of Wales(151 clicks)
    Includes pictures and history
  • The Great fire of London(190 clicks)
    The 1666 fire which destroyed much of London. "The fire destroyed about four-fifths of the city, including roughly 13,200 houses, nearly 90 parish churches, and nearly 50 livery company halls--in all an area of more than 430 acres."
  • The Green Howards(205 clicks)
    The Green Howards (Alexandra, Princess of Wales's Own Yorkshire Regiment) (The 19th Regiment of Foot) North Yorkshire and Teesside's Own County Infantry Regiment. Loyally serving the Crown since 1688
  • The Hannah Snell Home Page(168 clicks)
    A young marine stunned his fellow soldiers by announcing that "he" was really a woman in disguise. For over two years Hannah Snell had concealed her true sex while serving in a regiment of the Royal Marines.
  • The Hartlib Papers(204 clicks)
  • The History of Shotton--Deeside, Wales(207 clicks)
    Shotton is a small industrial town in the district of Deeside, Flintshire,Wales.
  • The Huxley File(203 clicks)
    "This, THE HUXLEY FILE, is addressed to an audience ranging from those who never heard of Thomas Henry Huxley to those who are familiar with him and may even have read some of his work. For specific guidance on the various subjects he wrote about – fields ranging from the design of marine invertebrate structure to the design of a good human society – the cybernaut may refer to any of the 21 guides concluding this preview. Selections in THE HUXLEY FILE that appear only in obscure Victorian magazines or hidden archives will be of interest to those who do know him and may even have studied and published on him."
  • The Invention of tradition: The Highland Tradition of Scotland(158 clicks)
    By Hugh Trevor-Roper, historian
  • The Invitation To A Funeral Tour(160 clicks)
    Based on the novel Invitation to a Funeral, this site explains much about 17th century London.
  • The Irish in Britain, 1750-1922(201 clicks)
  • The Jacobite Heritage(192 clicks)
    Followers of the Stuart "kings" who deposed in 1688 and always laid claim to the thrones of England and Scotland thereafter.
  • The Lenton Times(198 clicks)
    The publication of the Lenton Local History Society. "Lenton developed as a small village situated just beyond the western boundary of Nottingham."
  • The life and work of William Guthrie, Puritan and Scottish Divine, author(157 clicks)
    Welcome to the website devoted to the Puritan minister of Scotland, whose book John Owen kept with him constantly, and of which Thomas Chalmers declared it was "The best thing " he'd ever read!
  • The Life of the Industrial Worker in 19th-Century Britain(172 clicks)
    Documents detailing workers' condition in 19th Great Britain.
  • The Life of the Industrial Worker in 19th-Century England(160 clicks)
    The material below was reprinted in an old history textbook, Readings in European History Since 1814, which was edited by Jonathan F. Scott and Alexander Baltzly and was published by Appleton-Century-Crofts Inc. in 1930.
  • The Linen Hall Library(287 clicks)
    Founded in 1788, it is the oldest library in Belfast.
  • The Magna Carta (The Great Charter)(140 clicks)
    The document.
  • The Making of the English Middle Class: Business, Society and Family Life in London 1660-1730(165 clicks)
    Scholarly book by Peter Earle
  • The Many Shakespeares(163 clicks)
    "Shakespeare's plays rank among the most artistic works of literature ever created, but there is much debate about who really wrote them."
  • The Massacre at Glencoe(167 clicks)
    On February 13, 1692, a tragedy occurred in the small valley of Glencoe in Scotland. The McIan's of the MacDonald Clan were wiped out in an early morning massacre. None were spared, not even the women and children, although a few of the McIan's managed to disappear into the early morning mist and cold.
  • The Natutral History Museum(144 clicks)
    "The Natural History Museum (NHM) holds the national collection of over 70 million natural history specimens. The Museum’s mission is to maintain and develop these collections and use them to promote the discovery, understanding, responsible use and enjoyment of the natural world."
  • The Normans in South Wales, 1070-1171(213 clicks)
    Full length book.
  • The Penny Magazine(194 clicks)
    "The Penny Magazine, published every Saturday, was aimed at the working class. It was part of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge's program for liberal reform. for its reader, however, it was a source of information on subjects of general interest: everyday things like tea and coffee, well-known places in England, a series on animals and birds of Britain, descriptions of prsent-day manufacturing, even an American alaman and a serial of a personal account of an immigrant's problems. Poetry was published, too, and there are several illustrations in each issue." 1830s
  • The Pictish Nation(208 clicks)
    Description, photos, and links exploring the history of the Picts, a group absorbed into Scotland.
  • The plan for Reformation : Henry VIII and the dissolution of the English monasteries, The(182 clicks)
    This thesis is a critical examination of the dissolution of the monasteries under the reign of Henry VIII, and the key role the dissolution played in his plan for the Reformation in England. In addition, the present study found that by closely studying certain documents, we gain an understanding of Henry VIII's strategy and attitude that was also important to his plan for initiating reform in the 1530's. Though there is a complete analysis of several of the most relevant scholars, the present study builds upon the theories and assertions of these experts with unique suggestions in reference to frequently cited documents, as well as discussion of primary source material that has not been cited by leading scholars. These documents lead to an advanced understanding of Henry VIII's motives and attitude, and the concerns he had as the monarch that began the Reformation in England.
  • The Raising of the Mary Rose(165 clicks)
    Sunk in 1545 off Portsmouth, England, the raised ship is a "time capsule" of Tudor England.
  • The Religion of Gerrard Winstanley and Digger Communism(190 clicks)
  • The Richard III Foundation, Inc(176 clicks)
    A non-profit educational organization with a world-wide patronage. Our emphasis is on research into the life and times of King Richard III and the medieval world in which he lived. We publish a journal entitled “The Medelai Gazette” which is produced for our patrons three times a year.
  • The Richard III Society(198 clicks)
    "Richard III was King of England from 1483 to 1485. Thanks mainly to Shakespeare, he is known in the popular imagination as being the archetypal wicked uncle who murdered his way to the throne. In the belief that many of the features of the traditional accounts are not supported by sufficient evidence, the purpose of the Richard III Society is to promote research into his life and times, and thereby secure a reassessment of his reputation and of his place in history."
  • The Royal Navy(187 clicks)
    Official site.
  • The Rural History Centre(153 clicks)
    "The Rural History Centre was founded as the Museum of English Rural Life in 1951 and became the Institute of Agricultural History in 1968 to reflect its broadening interests and responsibilities. Its present name was adopted in January 1993 as part of the Centre's development plan. The Rural History Centre is of unique national importance in that it is the only organisation in or outside a British University to specialise in this subject area. It combines university scholarship, outstanding research collections, with an expanding range of services to the agro-food industry, the rural sector and the public at large."
  • The SCOTS Project(140 clicks)
    Dedicated to the history of the various languages of Scotland.
  • The Spectator Archive: 180 years of history now online(165 clicks)
  • The Stationery Office(164 clicks)
    "This is a service being developed by The Stationery Office to assist internet users to locate official documents. It provides access to material published by The Stationery Office and other authoritative bodies."
  • The Timeplan Virtual Teachers' Centre(169 clicks)
    British history.
  • The Trials of Oscar Wilde(165 clicks)
    Old Bailey, the main courthouse in London, had never presented a show quite like the three trials that captivated England and much of the literary world in the spring of 1895. Celebrity, sex, witty dialogue, political intrique, surprising twists, and important issues of art and morality--is it any surprise that the trials of Oscar Wilde continue to fascinate one hundred years after the death of one of England's greatest authors and playrights?
  • The Tudors at Hampton Court(177 clicks)
    "The Palace of Hampton Court is so splendid that two of its 16th-century residents have seemingly refused to leave, for it is said that their ghosts walk its halls to this day." by Walter H. Owens
  • The Whtiechapel Page(144 clicks)
    A collection of articles regarding the Whitechapel murders of 1888.
  • The Widening Gate: Bristol and the Atlantic Economy, 1450-1700(183 clicks)
    Scholarly book by David Harris Sacks
  • The Work House(164 clicks)
    " is dedicated to the workhouse — its buildings, its inmates, its staff and administrators, and even its poets... England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland
  • Titanic, Lusitania and the Forgotten Empress gallery(142 clicks)
    Merseyside Maritime Museum
  • Tiverton Museum(198 clicks)
    The Museum is thought to contain the largest Social History collection in the South West of England.
  • TramWeb UK(186 clicks)
    Information, comment and especially pictures of trams in Britain and overseas.
  • Transport Pamphlets(166 clicks)
    The majority of pamphlets listed in this Transport Pamphlets guide have been digitised and are available via the Internet.
  • Truth, Myth and Drama in UK History(180 clicks)
    Includes articles, photos and, even games.
  • Tudor England(164 clicks)
  • Tudors and Stuarts(152 clicks)
    BBC site: What the Tudors and Stuarts did for us.
  • Tudors and Stuarts Monarchs(177 clicks)
    Interesting and worthwhile sites tracing the history from Henry VII through Anne.
  • Twenty-five Years in the Secret Service(176 clicks)
    Twenty-five years in the secret service the recollections of a spy 6th ed. by Henri Le Caron. Published 1892 by W. Heinemann in London .
  • UK Political Parties(212 clicks)
  • Under the Periscope(168 clicks)
    By Mark H. J. Bennett. 1919
  • United Kingdom Parliament(165 clicks)
    Information about the United Kingdom Parliament, the House of Commons and the House of Lords.
  • United Kingdom: Primary Documents(215 clicks)
  • University of Aberdeen - Photographic Archives - Aberdeen Harbour Board Collection(181 clicks)
    "The Aberdeen Harbour Board Collection consists of about 6,000 glass plate negatives dating from the 1880s to the 1930s. They are mainly images of the harbour and surrounding area, but include some of Aberdeen city and further afield. The photographs were taken by the Board's engineering staff as a record of port developments and activities."
  • University of Aberdeen - Photographic Archives -George Washington Wilson Photographic Collection(219 clicks)
    "The George Washington Wilson Photographic Collection consists of over 40,000 glass plate negatives produced by the Aberdeen firm of George Washington Wilson & Co. at the second half of the last century and now in the care of the University Historic Collections. Wilson's cameras ranged all over Britain, recording everything from the simple grandeur of Fingal's cave on the Isle of Staffa to the bustle of London's busy Oxford Street with its street criers and horse-drawn cabs. His son, Charles Wilson, and staff photographer, Fred Hardie, toured the colonial townships of South Africa and Australia, providing a vivid and unforgettable picture of gold miners and early settlers at work and play, and of the native or aboriginal way of life. Many of the Wilson images have appeared in the University Historic Collections continuing series of GWW publications, notably the Scottish booklets. Others remain to be published including most of the English views, and those of Gibraltar and the South of Spain, Morocco and Tangiers."
  • Victoria History of the Country of Lancasrer(153 clicks)
  • Victoria Research Web(179 clicks)
    Great site on 19th century Great Britain.
  • Victorian Census Project(146 clicks)
    "aims to computerise source documents relating to Great Britain and Ireland in the nineteenth century."
  • Victorian Dictionary(181 clicks)
    A guide to the social history of Victorian London.
  • Victorian Turkish Baths(183 clicks)
    The history of the Victorian Turkish bath is virtually uncharted, so the website is an attempt to interest historians in an aspect of Victorian life which has been almost totally forgotten. David Urquhart's reintroduction of the so-called Turkish (actually Roman) bath into the British Isles in 1856 was largely achieved by the Turkish Bath Movement allied to his Foreign Affairs Committees and promulgated in the "Sheffield Free Press" and the "Free Press". Created by a retired media resources librarian and historian who has been interested in the subject since 1990, this comprehensive site has six main sections : Introductory; History of the Turkish bath; Turkish bath topics (eg, caricatures and cartoons, hydropathy,the earliest Turkish bath photos?); Some Turkish bath personalities; Turkish bath companies; Turkish bath directory (listing more than 600 establishments and with brief articles about an increasing number of them). In addition there are over 300 illustrations in both thumbnail and enlarged versions, footnotes, bibliography, illustrations index, and two-way acknowledgments. There is also a listing of the 21 Turkish baths which are still open with contact numbers and addresses, and a Stop Press column of recent news.
  • Victorian Turkish Baths in provincial England(186 clicks)
  • Virtual Museum of the Public Records Office(186 clicks)
    "Welcome to the PRO’s new 'Virtual Museum'. It provides a showcase for some of the treasures at the PRO’s new Education and Visitor Centre (opens in a new window) at Kew, including a host of landmark documents from the past 1000 years of British history. Many of these items have never before been on display. Visitors can explore everything from Famous Names to Crime & Punishment, and from War & Defence to Kings & Queens. They can find out surprising facts about famous people - including William Shakespeare, Robin Hood and Sir Elton John - as well as the extraordinary feats of ordinary people."
  • War of the Roses(209 clicks)
    "In the late 1400's the House of York fought the House of Lancaster for the English crown. Because Lancaster's heraldic badge was a red rose and York's was a white rose, the long conflict came to be known as the Wars of the Roses (1455 - 85)."
  • War of the Roses(161 clicks)
  • Wars of the Roses(162 clicks)
  • Welsh Political Archive(134 clicks)
    The Welsh Political Archive includes national and some local records of all the major political parties active in Wales.
  • West Country Historic Omnibus and Transport Trust(205 clicks)
    "The WHOTT vision is of a permanent museum in the West Country, devoted to the history of public and commercial road transport in the region. As our search for a site proceeds, we are developing a mobile museum with the support and skills of Friends. We have an extensive programme of activities, not just in relation to vehicles but also covering archives and historic records."
  • Wheathampstead Historical Archive(133 clicks)
    A collection of over 200 old photographs and historical documents
  • White Cliffs Underground(160 clicks)
  • Wilford & Clifton Are Villages In The City Of Nottingham In Great Britain(149 clicks)
    Nice site for two villages
  • William Ewart Gladstone(133 clicks)
    Biography by James Bryce. 1919. Bryce was a noted historian of England.
  • William Ewart Gladstone(148 clicks)
    A timeline.
  • William Morris Society(156 clicks)
    "This site is devoted to William Morris (1834-96), the British craftsman, designer, writer, typographer, and Socialist. It aims to present news of Morris-related events and publications; information about the worldwide William Morris Society; materials relating to the life and work of Morris, his friends and followers; and links to other places of interest on the Internet."
  • Winston Churchill(250 clicks)
    Produced by the The Churchill Center, Washington, D.C.Many resources.
  • Words in English(171 clicks)
  • Words in English: History(171 clicks)
  • Workhouse, The(152 clicks)
  • Worst Jobs in History(184 clicks)
    "In this website, we take you on a journey through 2,000 years of British history and the worst jobs of each era, as seen in both Channel 4 Worst Jobs series."
  • WW II: British Focus(145 clicks)
    This World War II site features, but is not restricted to, a British focus.
  • Yorkshire Quaker Heritage Project(166 clicks)
    Good resource on Quakers. Some fled to the colonies.