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  • A Belgian Family's Story(148 clicks)
    The Deloge Family. WWI and WWII
  • Belgian War Graves(219 clicks)
  • Belgium: Primary Documents(185 clicks)
  • Famous Belgians(144 clicks)
    "The list currently contains 242 famous Belgians."
  • Histoire du Brabant wallon(151 clicks)
    Wolloon history, in French
  • History of Walloon Brabant(153 clicks)
    The timeline and the historical persons.
  • Medieval Belgium(168 clicks)
    From the Celts to the new kingdom
  • Militarebooks - firearms E-books(162 clicks)
    One place to find many free and valuable data about military handguns - Firearms ebooks available - One free ebook about the Savage 1907 pistol
  • Royal Museum of the Army and Military History, Belgium(170 clicks)
    The Royal Museum of the Army and Military History gives you the opportunity to see these impressive objects and the radical changes in armament and military technology that have taken place throughout the years. In French, Dutch, and English