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  • Baltic AFVs & Armoured Trains: 1918 - 1940(149 clicks)
    Concerned with war equipment. Also in Swedish.
  • Centre for Estonian Diaspora Studies(142 clicks)
    Many Estonians migrated to Ruusia but the center seeks to trace the movements of all who left.
  • Estonia Country Guide(152 clicks)
    Estonian history.
  • Estonia: Land, People, Culture(160 clicks)
  • Estonia: Primary Documents(151 clicks)
  • Estonian Historical Archives(160 clicks)
    " The Estonian Historical Archives in Tartu, founded in 1921 as the Estonian State Central Archives, comprises keeps about 2 million archival documents 20000 shelf-meters of records, organized into 3.206 fonds. This includes materials records of administrative institutions in the territory of Estonia, courts, schools, local governments, societies, Baltic-German Nobilities as well as manors and personal fonds, mainly up to 1918."
  • History to the 19th Century(169 clicks)
    From InfoPlease.