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  • Dutch City Maps from Blaeu's Toonneel(137 clicks)
    Created by George Welling from the University of Groningen, provides access to facsimile copies of maps from Blaeu’s ‘Toonneel der Steden’ published in 1652.
  • Dutch History Resources on the Internet(152 clicks)
  • Dutch National Accounts 1800-1913(145 clicks)
    "Reconstructing National Accounts of the Netherlands and the analysis of the development of the Dutch Economy in the period 1800-1940".
  • Dutch Republic History Site(144 clicks)
  • Erasmus of the Low Countries(173 clicks)
    Scholarly book by James D. Tracy
  • Fre Meis, politician and communist(148 clicks)
    Biography on internet about politician and communist Fre Meis from Groningen. Get involved with the making of a documentary about the man who fought for the economic improvement of the northern region.
  • George Welling, The United States of America and the Netherlands(160 clicks)
    Excellent essay on the two countries and some of their interactions. Starts with Henry Hudson.
  • History of Education & the History of Childhood(138 clicks)
    international archive of links and source materials on the history of education & the history of childhood from Nijmegen University, the Netherlands
  • History of the Netherlands(146 clicks)
    Well designed site for Dutch history
  • History of the Netherlands --Primary Documents(156 clicks)
    Part of the excellent Brigham Young collection
  • History of the States-General(178 clicks)
  • Holland Under Habsburg Rule, 1506-1566: The Formation of a Body Politic(169 clicks)
    Scholarly book by James D. Tracy
  • Institute of Netherlands History(142 clicks)
    This site is maintained by the Institue of Netherlands History and contains documents on Dutch (political) history (mainly in Dutch).
  • Internationale Institute of Social History(137 clicks)
    Excellent site on the subject with lots of documents and access to data from the historical sample of the Netherlands (HSN).
  • N.W. Posthumus Institute(140 clicks)
    Netherlands Research Institute and Graduate School on economic and social history with a very well maintained list of links to all relevant sites in the Netherlands and access to data.
  • National Accounts of the Netherlands, 1800-1913(151 clicks)
    " To reconstruct national income extensive data concerning income, prices, foreign trade, production, employment and capital formation were collected and processed." This site is searchable.
  • National Archive(138 clicks)
  • Nederlandsch Economisch-Historisch Archief(181 clicks)
    Netherlands Economic History Archive (Amsterdam). Site for the Dutch and European economic history: activities, links, texts (mainly Dutch, but some good contributions in English)and virtual exhibitions. Maintains also the Virtual Library Economic and Business History.
  • Netherlands Cinema History(148 clicks)
    "ooking for solid information about movie theatres in the Netherlands from 1906 to the present? This site is dedicated to the theatres, the people, the companies, and the visitors of Dutch cinemas in past and present. Local film history begins here. "
  • Netherlands Forced Labor- -WW II(132 clicks)
    At this website you will find information about the forced-labor policies and practices in Nazi-Germany during the Second World War.
  • Netherlands Historical Data Archive(140 clicks)
  • Netherlands Photo Archive(161 clicks)
  • Netherlands: Primary Documents(153 clicks)
  • P. M. Hough, Dutch Life in Town and Country(141 clicks)
    Published first in 1901. Need Adobe Acrobat to access it.
  • Rijksmuseum(142 clicks)
  • Steun! Stem! Staak!(142 clicks)
    150 Nederlandse affiches uit de verzameling van het IISG
  • The Dutch Golden Age(185 clicks)
  • The Holland Ring(148 clicks)
    Lots of good information as well as links to other sites concerned with the Dutch.
  • The Mestreech page(153 clicks)
    Maastricht, capital and administrative centre of the Province of Limburg. Information about the city, history and latest news
  • The Netherlands: A Nation of Polders(140 clicks)
    "Through the ages the shape of the geographical entity the Netherlands has changed dramaticly. The constant struggle with the sea had its' ups and downs. Great floods took away parts of the country, but land reclaiming projects also took large areas of land from the sea and the lakes. Since the 15th century the change of shape of the Netherlands was astonishing. The seacoast provinces, which once were a conglomerate of islands and small stretches of land between large lakes, are now among the most densily polulated areas of the world. But also in the other provinces large land-recaiming projects have been undertaken. It looks like making polders has become a part of the national character of the Dutch."