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  • 1775 Lisbon Earthquake, Historical Depictions(145 clicks)
  • Afonso V(150 clicks)
  • António de Oliveira Salazar(176 clicks)
    from New World Encyclopedia
  • António de Oliveira Salazar(149 clicks)
    from Biographcon
  • Arquivo da Universidade de Coimbra(219 clicks)
    Archive of the University of Coimbra
  • Aviz, House of(155 clicks)
  • BBC on Carnation Revolution(164 clicks)
    1974: Rebels seize control of Portugal
  • Braganza, House of(160 clicks)
  • Carlos I(148 clicks)
  • Carnation Revolution, 1974(180 clicks)
  • Carvalho Pinto de Sousa, José Sócrates (152 clicks)
    Secretary-General of the Socialist Party.
  • Cascais(151 clicks)
  • CAVACO SILVA, Anibal Antonio (162 clicks)
    President, 2006-
  • Coimbra(143 clicks)
  • Concise History of Portugal(160 clicks)
    by David Birmingham
  • Contemporary Portuguese Politics and History Research Centre(154 clicks)
    "The CPHRC has collected and translated several hundred documents, newspaper articles and interviews with political leaders. The material contained in these pages has been collected in the course of academic research in Portuguese archives and libraries. Please note that copyright exists on all English translations."
  • Dom João IV(157 clicks)
    King, 16 Dec 1815 - 20 Mar 1816
  • e-Journal of Portuguese History (145 clicks)
  • Edward/Duarte (144 clicks)
    King, 1433 until 1438
  • Emergence of Portugal(159 clicks)
    Chapter Six of A History of Spain and Portugal, Volume 1 by Stanley G. Payne
  • Estado Novo(167 clicks)
    fascist state, 1933--
  • Estado Novo (Portugal)(170 clicks)
  • Evora(164 clicks)
  • Fatima(163 clicks)
  • Ferdinand I(152 clicks)
    King, 1367—1383
  • Government Web Sites(165 clicks)
  • Hemeroteca Digital,(157 clicks)
    Digital periodical library
  • Henry the Navigator(160 clicks)
    Prince Henry the Navigator (1394-­1460) of Portugal, was known as the patron of navigation and exploration.
  • History of Portugal(163 clicks)
    History plus other items
  • History of Portugal: from the commencement of the monarchy to the reign of Alfonso III(168 clicks)
    by Edward McMurdo
  • History of Portugal: Primary Documents(177 clicks)
    Medieval to the present
  • History of the Republic of Portugal(162 clicks)
  • Inquisition(148 clicks)
  • John II(160 clicks)
    1455–25 to 1495
  • John VI(164 clicks)
  • King John I(143 clicks)
  • Leaders--2011(156 clicks)
  • Lisbon(185 clicks)
  • Lisbon Earthquake(151 clicks)
  • Lista de obras na Memória da História(144 clicks)
  • Luis I(156 clicks)
  • Luso-American Foundation(183 clicks)
  • Manuel I(160 clicks)
    14th king of Portugal and the Algarves
  • Manuel II(158 clicks)
  • Manuel II(166 clicks)
    Last king of Portugal
  • Map of Spain and Portugal, Corrected and Augmented from the Map Published by D. Tomas Lopez (152 clicks)
    Tomás López (1730-1802) was a Spanish cartographer who was sent by the Spanish government to Paris for a number of years to learn cartography and engraving from the great French mapmaker Jean Baptiste Bourguignon d’Anville (1697-1782). In 1804, López published his Atlas Geográfico de España (Geographical atlas of Spain), the first atlas of Spain produced by a Spaniard. López’s children republished this work in a new edition in 1810, and again in 1830.
  • Marcello Caetano(165 clicks)
    "A Portuguese politician and scholar, who was the last prime minister of the Estado Novo regime, from 1968 until his overthrow in the Carnation Revolution of 1974."
  • Maria II(162 clicks)
    Queen regnant of Portugal from 1826 to 1828 and later from 1834 to 1853
  • Miguel of Portugal(159 clicks)
    Dom Miguel I, sometimes Michael (26 October 1802, Lisbon – 14 November 1866, Großheubach), was the King of Portugal between 1828 and 1834, the seventh child and second son of King John VI and his queen, Charlotte of Spain.
  • O Exercito portugues em finais do Antigo Regime(162 clicks)
    A história do exercito portugues num periodo que compreende as Invasoes Francesas de Portugal, parte da Guerra Peninsular.
  • Partido Renovador Democrático(175 clicks)
  • Partido Socialista;(174 clicks)
    Founded 1973
  • Pedro V(157 clicks)
    1853 to 1861
  • Portguese Socialist Party(183 clicks)
  • Portugal(142 clicks)
    Encyclopedia Britanica
  • Portugal and the World in the 16th & 17th Centuries(158 clicks)
    Snithsonian Institution
  • Portugal to 1974(154 clicks)
    Brief notes on Portugal in the early national period.
  • Portugal, 1910-2010(153 clicks)
  • Portugal: A History(140 clicks)
    by H.orse Stephens
  • Portugal: Primary Documents(162 clicks)
  • Portugese History(163 clicks)
    New World Encyclopedia
  • Portuguese History Bibliography(148 clicks)
  • Portuguese Monarchs(160 clicks)
  • Portuguese Monarchy - Part I(168 clicks)
  • Presidents(175 clicks)
  • Prime Ministers(155 clicks)
  • Prime Ministers Since 1834-Present(150 clicks)
  • Prince Henry the Navigator the Hero of Portugal and of Modern Discovery(153 clicks)
    Biography in text or audio format
  • Relations Between Portugal and Brazil (1930-1945)(168 clicks)
    The Relationship Between the Two National Experiences of the Estado Novo Paula Marques Santos Professor at Lusíada University of Porto CEPESE Abstract The years from 1930 to 1945 marked both a regional and world period of great political and economic instability. Because of the passive and permissive stance of most national governments, society experienced a deep crisis, from which no immediate positive change could be expected without a much-needed reformulation of the social, economic and political structure of each public and state entity. In their attempts to solve these problems, Portuguese-Brazilian relations were influenced by the internal reorganization processes of the Estado Novo and also by the changes taking place in the world system itself. These two influences led to a strengthening of the transatlantic link in some areas, but also to a decline in other areas.
  • Renaissance(179 clicks)
    Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
  • Revolução dos cravos, 25 Abril 1974(208 clicks)
  • Roman Lusitania(171 clicks)
  • Sebastião José de Carvalho e Melo, 1st Marquess of Pombal(165 clicks)
  • Social Democratic Party (Portugal)(173 clicks)
  • Spanish and Portuguese Reconquest, 1095-1492(167 clicks)
    Charles Julian Bishko From A History of the Crusades Vol. 3: The Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries Ed. Harry W. Hazard Madison: The University of Wisconsin Press, 1975
  • The Earthquake at Lisbon, 1755(155 clicks)
    by Rev. Charles Davy
  • The European Voyages of Exploration: Portugal(148 clicks)
  • The Internationalization of Portuguese Historiography(150 clicks)
    The Internationalization of Portuguese Historiography: The View from Economic History
    Pedro Lains, Instituto de Ciências Sociais, Universidade de Lisboa,
  • The Portuguese Pamphlets(148 clicks)
    Documents relating to 19th century Portugual
  • Tomar(157 clicks)
  • Últimas obras disponibilizadas(152 clicks)
    Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal
  • Viriato: Warrior-Chieftain of the Lusitans(148 clicks)
    Chief of the Lusitans who fought the Romans in 146 BC. This site should appeal to Celtic people.
  • World Fact Book(172 clicks)